Good Anti-Cheat?

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  1. So far I've used WatchCat it seems like it's been the best so far but I wanna know if there is anything better that I can use for my server? I don't have any money to spend on premium plugins so try to list free anti-cheats.

    P.S: I understand that a good anti-cheat is not a thing and that every anti-cheat fails but I'm looking for an anti-cheat that doesn't false kick players as much you know?
  2. Most stable anticheats are:
    • Spartan
      • + Blocking every movement hack
      • + Blocking every badpackets/world hack
      • - Not the best Combat Checks
      • + Good & Fast Support
      • + MachineLearning
    • Reflex
      • + Best Combat Checks (detecting every killaura under 10 seconds)
      • + Really good scaffold, autoarmor and badpackets (+ antiesp, tracers) checks
      • - No movement checks
      • + Good & Fast Support
      • + MachineLearning (best ML u can find on spigot)
    • AAC
      • + Good Movement checks
      • + Good Combat Checks
      • - Need AACAdditionPro to block 100% of hacks
      • - Can sometimes make false positives
      • - Really slow updates and not the best support
      • + MachineLearning in some heuristics patterns
    Those 3 will pretty much never make false positives if you use them with default config. Also, AAC can make a few false positives, but if you change a config only a bit, you wont get them.


    • Reflex - if you need really good antiaura/aimbot. It will protect you from every combat hack, scaffold, autoarmor and Blink/BadPackets
    • AAC - It's universal. It has good combat checks, and good movement checks, if you combine AACAdditionPro, you will pretty much never find hacker on your server (if they dont use really good ghost client). Keep in mind that bypasses can be found if you use AAC, but changing config can make better results.
    • Spartan - 99% movement cheats are detected, pretty much no bypasses. Not the best antiaura, MachineLearning is not really fast, so dont expect as good combat blocking as AAC or REFLEX.
    The best way to block hacks would be to have Reflex and Spartan (or if u can buy only 1 anticheat, Reflex + NCP). This combination would protect you from any possible hacker

    If you want to have only 1 anticheat (probably to make servers really optimized) use AAC (and probably AACAdditionPro)
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  3. Check out @BrettPlayMC signature as he has tons of viable options for anticheats
  4. Thanks for the mention.

    Trying out something new on the 1.8 page of the wiki to see how it turns out but feel free to use it OP.
  5. Without a budget, I'd say ncp would be your best option. There are a few other plugins around for free but none have been developed for as long as ncp.
  6. Are you sure? Did you try WatchCat?
  7. I haven't. Given how underdeveloped or half complete most other ac plugins are, I have doubts.