Good Cheap Server Hostings List ($2/gb and under)

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  1. These statistics are off what
    other people say, and not just me. My personal
    recommendations are at the bottom. hope you enjoy :D

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = $0.90/gb - Awesome staff, Good performance | 2.2Ghz - 4.0Ghz (Unknown CPU) = $1.00/gb - Meh Performance, Meh staff | Intel Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.7Ghz ssd's = $1.00/gb - Good performance, Meh staff | Unknown = $1.00/gb = Good performance, Ok staff | Intel E5-1620v2, ssd's = $1.00/gb = Amazing performance, Meh staff | Xeon E5-1620v2 @3.90Ghz, hdd = $1.17/gb = Good staff, Awesome performance | Ryzen 2700X @ 4.5GHz, ssd's = $1.25/gb = Amazing support, Good staff | I7-6700, ssd's = $1.50/gb = Good staff Good performance | Intel Xeon E5, ssd's = $1.75/gb = Awesome support, Good performance | = $1.75/gb = Amazing support, Good performance | x2 E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz, ssd's = $1.95/gb - Amazing performance, Amazing performance | I7-6700K = $2.00/gb = Awesome performance, Awesome staff | 2x E5-2670 = $2.00/gb - Great performance, Good staff | E3/E5, ssd's = $2.00/gb - Great performance, Good staff | Unknown = $2.00/gb - Good performance Great staff | I7-4790K @ 4.1 GHz = $2.00/gb - Amazing performance, Amazing staff | E3-1245v2, ssd's = $2.00/gb - Awesome performance, Great staff | E5-1620 v2 @ 3.90GHz, ssd's

    Personal Recommendations:
    ZippyHost, Awesome servers, Decent staff.
    2) Skynode, If you have some money to spend, and dont like multicraft go with skynode! they have a nice looking pterodactyl panel and fast performing servers.
    1) Clovux, If you have a little bit more to spend, go Clovux! they have amazing performance and amazing staff.

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  2. To complete your list Skynode uses I7-6700K CPU's for budget and I7-7700K CPU's for premium.
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  3. I've never heard of any of the hosts on that list, except skynode through a signature on this forum.
    But I might just look into a couple of these. We have something in the works that requires us to run 8 to 12 servers for 5 weeks, I might just get a couple of these cheap ones to try and see how that experience goes for that project. They're cheaper than a few that we use now, but sometimes paying the extra 2 bucks a month gives you way less headaches and much more professionalism.
  4. The only host I know is Anvilnode. Oh wait look, the link is in my signature! :p
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  5. No affiliate links are allowed: you're isn't .. but it's literally an affiliate link
    very meta
  6. Oops I didn't know that, well I guess I'll be changing that :p
  7. Thanks, added
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  8. how come you didn't add your beloved ugn?
  9. Hey,
    I did, but someone reminded me that if i am a staff member at a place im advertising, i can have my account shut down. I do however have reasoning behind why i would choose them though.
  10. I recommend using Shockbyte or for starters Verrygames. Feel free to pm me for support. :)
  11. Shockbyte is a great hosting company, they dont come under $2.00/gb though. If you do have the money i would go with them.
  12. I remember when hosts used to be $7-$10 per GB ram. $2.50 is not a lot, until you upscale past 12-16gb.
  13. You can receive 50% Sale for multiply months , You go to there website and wait for a box to pop up and then type your email. I hope this was helpful
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  14. Im not including coupons/promotions, just what the price is. Sorry

    Thanks, fixed.
  15. I'm just saying that I bought 6 months with a 50% discount but there are some other hosts that are also good.
    I hope you find a good host , have a good day. :)
  16. add - been around since 2011 - $1.50/gb - hardware = Intel Xeon E5, ssd's - Premium support ... best from both worlds imo great price and premium support and hardware.
  17. What about ExtraVM? :c
  18. Hey,
    Although ExtraVM is a great host, it dos'nt meet the price point of under $2/gb.

    From what i see on the website, its $3/gb for budget. If im wrong please correct me, thanks.
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