Good Custom Enchants plugin?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Elderzz, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. Hi!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum :p

    I am searching for a plugin that would add custom enchantments and enchanted books/runes that can be applied to the armor.
    I am searching something similar to Cosmic PvP's enchanting system and books
    But also there is a server called Treasure Wars that has rune that when apply the enchantment which is on it when the rune is dropped on the item in the inventory!
    Hopefully someone can help me and find a free plugin that would do that for me.
    I found a plugin, but its payed and I dont want to pay for something I don't even know if works!

    So, please help me find this!
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  2. All paid plugins work. In the rare case it does not, the author will fix it or you will get a refund.
  3. But, do you know of any plugins that I could try before the paid ones? Also, I found just 1 paid plugins and its ran by scripts so I am sceptic about it :(

    I would like to have enchanting system similar to Treasure Wars or Cosmic PvP with runes/enchantig books
  4. your best bet Is to hire a coder and get a custom one made.
  5. Only bump once every 24 hours please.
    I doubt you will get one.
  6. Unfortunately Spigot has many talented coders, but it comes at a cost. So much talent all for a cost and price.
  7. Ok... Do you know a coder that is maybe cheap?
  8. Nope. You'll get nothing like you want for less than $15. More like $50.
  9. eh i am not sure but Tech doodle May do it for 20-25$
  10. Well, thats a bit expensive... in my currency its like 200 of my money just on that :(
  11. hes pretty flexible im ├ža So He gave me the Price in ca instead of usd si im sure u could work somthing out @Techdoodle
  12. Guys, custom enchantments and enchantapi add loads of custom enchants i have about 80+
  13. Cldfire

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  14. I would like the same thing! the custom enchants system similar to Cosmic pvp! where can I hire the coder?
  15. Looking for a simular plugin but free
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  16. Cldfire

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    Read the thread :p
  17. Have tried it dont really like it. Looking for Books and commands such as /enchanter where you use players xp to buy books and when u right click it depending on the level of book you get certain enchants
  18. Celebrimbor


    Token Enchant by @vk2gpz is by far the best and most supported, but it comes at a cost...

    I think about $12
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  19. Please just realize that it takes time and skill to code, developers won't do it for a low price, which is fair.
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