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  1. Hi, I have actually a 2 dedicated server:
    First: Intel Xeon E5-2620, 2.0 GHz, 6 cores, 15MB Cache, RAM ECC 64 GB, 2x 2 TB HDD SATA III WD RE4, RAID Soft 0/1, Internet 200Mb/s (In real it's more than 200 mb/s).

    Second: Intel Xeon E5-2620, 2.0 GHz, 6 cores, 15MB cache, RAM ECC 64 GB, 2x 1 TB HDD SATA III WD RE4, 2x 120 GB SSD SATA, Internet 200Mb/s (In real it's more than 200 mb/s).

    This servers is in Poland (Central Europe). On first server we have a 2 minecraft servers (skyblock [usually more than 120 players], pvp [usually more than 50 players]). On second server we have one server (rpg [usually more than 50 players]). But we want to get more players but, we have lags if we hgave more players ;/.

    On next month, boss of this servers want to buy this: but I think, about this server isn't good for minecraft server, because a CPU clock is only 2.6 GHz (boost 3.3 GHz).

    What server is good for this 3 servers ? What data center, OVH or what ?
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    OVH most definitely.
  3. Ok, but how many servers do u have on this server ? And how many players u have ? What type of server ? (Skyblock, pvp, free build or what ?) ?
  4. I have one problem too, I was attacked by DDoS (from more than one ip), and I have two option:
    First. Buy server with 1 Gbps or more
    Second. Buy Firewall but this in OVH is very expensive. Installation cost is about 150 Euro, and per month it isn't bad, it cost about 25 Euro.
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    uh so what? OVH gets free DDoS protection anyway :D

  6. OVH offers DDoS protection for 'free', you don't need to order a hardware firewall or necessarily be on a 1 Gbps line. A hardware firewall won't protect you against DDoS attacks very well either... Save your money. ;)
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    Before they had DDoS protection, i used a thing called DDoSDeflate, pretty good as a software firewall, reduced the attack traffic by stopping the server replying to the DDoS attack.Even 93Mbps attack did not take me down on a 100Mbps connection, because the server was not replying to the packets sent, which on a 50Mbps DDoS the server was sending 13Mbps back.

  8. A hardware firewall will limit connections as well and DDoSDeflate only works if the attack does not overload your connection and doesn't kill your hardware.
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  9. In theory yes, but when I have server in OVH, i get DDoS and my server was down :C

    If I buy firewall, 'good' DDoS can down my server too ?

    Ok, i will read about DDoSDeflate. But I want to have a 1 Gbps internet for 'safety'. It is possible to get a 1 Gbps internet with Mini SP SSD server ? Or where data center i can get good server for minecraft and 1 Gbps ?

    When i have for example internet 100 Mbps, firewall 100 Mbps and i get a DDoS more than 100 Mbps, firewall not do anything ? My server down too ?

    Sorry for my english :C Im from poland :D
  10. When did that DDoS happen? The DDOS protection is new.
  11. I asked my boss, and we have 100 Mbps server in OVH maybe 1 year ago, and then our server was going down.
    But after we have a 1Gbps server in OVH (it's maybe 3 months ago and later) and then never our server going down :D
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    I believe the new DDoS protection is only in french datacentres. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    They only got the protection about 2 months ago.
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  13. I'll correct you. :D There are three VACs, filtering traffic closest to them once the VAC has been activated. VAC1 is in RBX, VAC2 is in SBG and VAC3 is in BHS. GRA uses the protection of VAC1 (RBX).

    I'd recommend you to stay with OVH as they now suit your needs (again). :)
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  14. Ok, is a Mini SP SSD server from OVH can get 1 minecraft server with maybe 400 players ?
    Is it possible to get 400 players on 32 GB RAM ? Or better get 300 players ?

    And on second mini sp ssd, 2 minecraft servers, one 15 GB and secodn 15 GB, every server about 200 players.

    Is it possible ? Or get somethink better ?
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    With careful management and optimisation, it'd be possible with just a mSP SSD.
    200-300 players for definite, but that depends on what plugins will be used etc.