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  1. I'm currently looking for a better host to host my dev/beta server. The server is somewhat survival based with at least 3 worlds loaded. There will only be a maximum of 3 players online at any given time (staff members) on this server. My budget for this server is under $20 USD.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Why not just go with cheap shared hosting if it's your test server? Netherbyte or Shockbyte can do this.
  3. x_L


    BeastNode can do that.
    I'm currently using that to develop my servers on.
  4. I heard both good and bad things about them. I'm also looking for some good quality shared hosting as I heard that low priced hosts are heavily oversold.

    I'm using BeastNode for my proper server though it is expensive as a dev server.
  5. clip


    Grab a cheap vps where you can allocate around 1 gig and you should be good.
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  6. Any companies recommended?
  7. DigitalOcean,Ovh,etc.
  8. x_L


    Then I suggest shock byte
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  9. Psychz-Jimmy


    You can probably do it from home if it's just a test/dev server with a maximum of 3 users.
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  10. Unfortunately, my network seem to not allow users from outside to connect.
  11. Portforwarding!!!!!!!!
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  12. Use shockbyte for your test server.

    For your regular server, I would use OVH, but that's your decision.
  13. Just use for small stuff
  14. I used to use their servers which worked fairly well
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