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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently trying to find a new laptop (preferably not a MAC) to edit all my videos, pictures, and other media on. My MacBook Pro isn't getting the job done anymore, and I need something a bit more updated in terms of software and hardware.

    I use applications such as Photoshop and Premier a lot.

    I need something in the $500~ range, so any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I don't know if $500 is gonna cut it
  3. $500 unfortunately just won't get the job done :( You'll have to go higher to get a good editing laptop as you'll need a beefy CPU. In my opinion, a Mac is the best way to go for that department.
  4. A macbook protato with a 1.2Gh dual-core 6watt CPU for 1500$? Sure. Anything that is expensive will be four times as expensive in mac form.

    A good deal of laptops with desktop CPUs are out there, if you read up on what the intel CPU suffixes (K, U, ect) mean and compare them.

    A little googling suggests the new macbook pro for 2017 has a dual-core "i7" that runs at 2.4Ghz, has 15 watt tpd (about 20-25% of the average desktop cpu), 4MB L3 cache (most desktop CPUs have several times this at least) and generally sucks on every possible level.
    This is a bloody 1800$ piece of flat silver shit with a fruit etched into it to justify the price.

    a 400$ Acer notebook is faster than this thing.
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  5. I've honestly never read a more accurate MacBook review.
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  6. MiniDigger


    500 bucks is a bit limited but if you can jump up to 600 you can get some nice stuff, for example:

    those are all 15 inch as those are cheaper. you should think about what you want to do with your laptop, then think about weight, size and battery life. do you plan on editing in train/buss/on the go? do you want to carry it with you every day? or is it more like a semi stationary thing that gets moved like twice a week (from apartment to home or smth)? you need to think about that first before looking at specs.
  7. Thanks for the feedback!

    Exactly why I'd rather not get anything MAC related.

    What if I took editing videos out of the requirements? I suppose I could just use my desktop for that, but I would definitely need to be editing pictures and photographs. Mostly for college, social media, and other commissions. I wouldn't be using it too much on the go, but that is definitely a plus.
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    if you go down in budget, you will have to settle for an i5. you don't really need much power for photo stuff anyways. you could still obviously render with a i5, will just take longer and stuff like scrolling in the timeline will be a pain.
    I would look out for an good i5 (compare them on intel's ark platform), 8gb ram and a ssd. its 2017, no reason to settle with an hdd. if you need loads of space, get a additional (external) hdd.
    I brought a pretty cheap (<400) acer laptop 5 years ago, and it still runs fine for most office stuff while in the garden (it runs linux tho). you would be surprised on how good stuff got recently, you don't really need the hight-end stuff anymore.
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  9. It was just a suggestion and an opinion. I've always had good things to say about a Mac and with my first Macbook (using windows now) I could do a lot of editing. One of the best things about a Mac is the functionality, and with Macbook Pro's it is geared towards photo and video editing. However, I can also see the points of others in this thread. Other laptops will also do the job for this, and if you're not looking for a Mac again. Only thing I can see is I guess getting an SSD and a pretty beefy CPU on anything else.
  10. I'm considering buying my old school's Macbook Pro. They sell them for around $500, however upon using it for quite some time, I notice a lot of things that are really annoying.

    • Upon booting up the computer, the screen will go black and sometimes flash black for about 10-15 seconds.
    • When watching YouTube or Netflix or playing any CPU heavy game (e.g. Minecraft), the computer's network functions totally freeze and I get the pinwheel of death when trying to access any settings, change tabs, or do any basic browser functions.
    • The microphone and camera turn off and on randomly. I don't mean they just magically turn on by themselves, but when I need to use them, sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't work.
    • I've gotten some dirt on my screen, and I've cleaned it off before. However, it seems it's getting worse. The dirt is literally INSIDE my screen, and I cannot clean it, it won't come off. You can't even feel the dirt, is this a screen thing or a mac thing?

    I would love to own a mac, however the price is high for a good quality one. Even then, Apple Products are built and designed to break down and start to disfunction after a couple years of use. Also, answer me this...

    How is it that when I first bought my iPhone 6 (16GB), I downloaded quite a lot of apps and games. The apps for work, suck as Drive, Docs, Gmail, etc. and games like Shadow Fight 2, iFunny, and some other medium-sized games (Shadow Fight 2 and the Infinity Blade series were the largest), and I still had some space extra for photos and videos. I never had any problem with storage, I had 100+ photos, I never deleted my iMessages, and I also never used my iCloud. I know that may be a good idea, but I have backups through other system storages and I've always found iCloud a pesky thing to deal with. Now, I have WAY less games and apps on my Phone, I think I'm down to like 15 downloaded compared to at least double that when I first bought it. My largest apps are now Snapchat, Instagram, Music, and Trailer Park Boys.

    So, what is up with this storage? Do they include a storage cutter everytime they push out an update? Which is also a pain in the ass considering I can't install 10.3.1 since I don't have storage for it.

    Also, it ticks me off that they advertise their storage as 16GB even though 5 of those gigs are iCloud storage, not hardware. Any thoughts?
  11. I can't stand that as well! My second iPhone, it was a 6, was also 16GB. I constantly ran out of space, and it just posed a problem because only about 11GB were available. I constantly ran into the problem with not having enough storage. When I purchased my iPhone 7 I got 128GB simply because I just didn't EVER want to see "You do not have enough storage to complete the request". That was simply annoying but now I haven't ran into this problem since.

    I believe Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps like that actually accumulate extra space over time. It's quite annoying but I believe there is a way to fix this by deleting apps and redownloading them (???). I actually just bought iCloud storage and just put all my photos on there, and it transferred later.

    Now the problem with getting the MAC from the school is that they are probably older, and yes, after like 5 years or so they will just stop being fast and just won't run anything. I ran into this problem with my older one. Then again, this is the case with any laptop or desktop PC. They ALL eventually just need to be thrown at the ground then stomped on. I wouldn't personally buy that from the school, just because it's been used so much and it's probably an outdated model. What you should do about this issue is just buy a Windows laptop (NOT DELL, DON'T EVER DO THAT, OR ALIENWARE OR ANYTHING LIKE THOSE) that is marketed for this and does include an SSD and good CPU. This should do the job for video editting on a budget. (I believe, think, but am not sure but, Lenovo apparently has good laptops for good prices). I'm not that experienced with having laptops besides a Windows Dell laptop that made me hate my life and 2 Macs that did a great job for editing, but were just too expensive. I'm sure someone around here knows a lot about Windows laptops and newer ones that can do the job. :)

    Wish you luck with finding one, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask :)
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  12. Too bad new iPhones cost upward of $700+ for recycled software. :mad:
  13. As far as editing images, anything with a decent CPU will be fine. Unless you are doing massive stuff like 4k by 4k images or huge complicates brushes and filters, even a potato CPU can handle them easily. I would suggest something fairly equal to a desktop dualcore from the last several generations, or better.
    RAM will only matter if you are using a ton of layers on a big image, 8GB should be enough for any normal use.
  14. Which Macbook Pro may I ask?

    Newish ones are really good :p
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  15. upload_2017-4-26_17-33-10.png
  16. The newest macbook pro (for this year) is a piece of shit, about equal to a 500-600$ random off-the-shelf windows laptop.
    Mac users dont seem to understand hardware specs and think UI textures, the amount of RAM, and the shape of the power button are the only important things. If it lags, just spend another 4000$.

    The desktop mac pros are slightly better, they still have relatively slow quadcore CPUs for several thousand dollars, a 400$ custom desktop could stomp them in every possible way.

    The newest mac pro seems to have:
    6-Core Intel Xeon E5 (several generations old, any ryzen or quadcore kaby lake utterly stomps this
    16GB DDR3 1866 RAM
    Dual AMD FirePro D500or D700 : these are absolute shit. For 120$ you can get a single GPU twice as fast as these combined, why they even included them, nobody knows. I guess "firepro" sounds good.
    256GB SSD.
    No room to expand storage or add better components, and everything is proprietary.

    Now lets see.. a current ITX ryzen desktop could be build for about 500$ that would do everything this does, faster. For 700$ it could add a powerful GPU, a much bigger SSD..

    This thing costs 4000$. for another thousand dollars or so you can get an equally outdated 8-core CPU for a small performance increase.

    Compare this to the original mac pro at almost 10000$, with similarly outdated-on-release hardware..

    Disclaimer: I dont hate macs (may one someday be released that does not suck), i just hate illogical religious belief (mac users) and misinformation/false advertising (mac culture).
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  17. Does it HAVE to be a laptop?
  18. Yes.
  19. HP Pavilion 15-aw084sa 15.6" Laptop has a pretty decent graphics card and DDR4 ram (8gb) which is better than the latest Macbook if im not mistaken.

    Edit: the resolution is 1366 x 768 however.

    Am I allowed to post a link to the website here?