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  1. Used to hate the things, but bought the 13" 2016 MacBook Pro and I was pleasantly surprised and my opinion lies changed.

    No I didn't buy it for sheer performance, however it's perfect as a student, didn't mind dropping the extra cash for something that's sleek, reliable, durable and light and gets the job done perfectly.
    First Mac too, and must say the operating system is probably why everyone loves them so much. The overall macOS experience is much better to that of Windows', in my opinion.

  2. My HackMac has an i7 6700k, 64GB 2666MHz RAM, gtx 1070(webdriver for 1000 series got released). The default Mac Pro's and iMac are old as fuck.
  3. Im very happy with my MacBook Pro 2016 /w Touchbar and 15''.

    Cost me 2,7k but still its worth it.
  4. acer aspire one, works fine with windows movie maker.
  5. I do recommend a Apple device for this case, as it makes things so much better, and some really goods apps for editing and design are in the app store!
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  6. Or for the price of a trash mac, you could get a top of the line PC and the full professional video editing suite, photoshop ect.
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  7. Yeah but you also get that trashy windows that is cancerous for some tasks.
  8. Or you could use Linux, or OS X, or anything else not called Win10.

    I have never seen nor heard of anything that was harder on windows 7 than any other OS, user-end stupidity aside.