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    I have a large city map on my server and I want to add elevators to it. However, I don't want those little platform Crouch / Jump elevators that TP you to the next floor, I want a proper lift. Is there such a plugin anywhere, as I only find those simple lift systems?
    More explaination what Plugin I am looking for:
    > Shaft w/ shaft doors
    > Lift Car
    > Lift Call buttons
    > Lift car movement
    > Locked off floors / and or lifts
    > Multiplayer-ready (multiple calls on multiple floors, lift goes to the nearest floors/ longest waiting first, like an actual real life lift and multiple players can use one lift at the same time

    If someone wants to code it, a few things that would be great:
    > Sets of lifts (the nearest lift goes to the floor it has been called on)
    > GUIs to enter the floor you want the lift to go to
    > Lift arrival chime
    > Hall lantern / position indicator (maybe BossBar)
    > GUIs to enter codes for locked off floors (maybe if you choose a locked floor in a gui, that another GUI for the code pops up)
    > Priority / VIP service to cancel calls and to skip floors with people waiting outside
    > Recall: No more waiting: Cancel all calls when you place a certain key into an item frame above a call button and makes the lift directly come to your floor
    > Automatic doors

    It would be great if someone knows off such a plugin!
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  3. Best one i've found so far and works like a real elevator..Been using it for quite a few years now.
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    which one?
  5. EasyElevator

    Instruction Video:
  6. Craftbook but it uses signs with no gui's
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    Thanks, I ended up using ElevatorV2

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