Good guides for running servers on a dedicated machine

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  1. I usually access my dedicated server with a software called putty. I'm using ubuntu 14. But I need a good guide that will teach me how to make a bungeecord server along with several spigot servers and how to move from the...say for example... factions server directory to the semi vanilla directory and yade yade ya
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    You'd be better off Googling basic Ubuntu commands. I mean for the most part, it's all basic commands like

    wget URL (download directly from a URL)
    cd .. (back a directory)
    cd /DIRECTORY/ (go into a directory)
    nano (edit a file or create a new one)
    screen -x SESSION (connect to a screen session)
    apt-get install PACKAGE (install a package)
    passwd (edit your user's password)
    cp filename /directory/filename (copy a file to another directory)
    mv filename /directory/filename (move to another directory)

    *These are off the top of my head. They probably are in the wrong format*

    There's ton of tutorials out there; just Google them.
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  3. I will take a look at the links after I get back home from foreign. Right now I'm in the airport.

    That being said, I will get back to you when I check out the links