Good HungerGames Plugin?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by chris_61, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Looking to refresh my Hunger games plugin I currently use Survival Games from bukkit but it doesn't support scoreboards and that feature is huge for me. I know there has been threads like this in the past but that's just it, it's in the past and a lot of plugins are no longer supported or working.

    I currently run my hungergames on a game server, with multiple other plugins (Spleef, Mob Arena, Tnt run) and I notice a few plugin says it needs to be run on it's own server that i had a quick look at, Ideally I'd like to keep it on my game server unless someone can help justify why it would need to be its own separate server. I currently have 3 arenas and i'm looking to add a 4th and new plugin by friday.

    So my question is what do people recommend for a good HG plugin?
  2. The SG Plugin by BukkitPVP
  3. I surely can recommend BukkitGames... :p
  4. Check out my plugin, just click my signature! :)