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  1. Does anybody know a KitPVP Plugin Fully Working, And that you can add your own custom kit's and some custom features?

    If anybody know's the KitPVP Plugin being used on these servers please let me know it would be great!

    I wonder what KitPVP Plugin they are using.
  2. I coded VoRteXPvP's kitpvp plugin alongside harry and zombies. Then they started using default plugin engines.

    Mythcraft and Vortex are sister servers, they basically use the same plugins.

    You could PM me and hire me to create a custom one for you. If do, please specify your budget.
  3. Yes. PM me first.
  4. @Abstracts I can not PM you at the moment, I am just new to Spigot, And the AntiSpam feature disables me from sending a PM I have to wait 3 days & Have to post 5 posts.
  5. Noted.

    Just add me on Skype: abstractsmc
  6. I recommend you to use KitBattle advanced. ;)
  7. @Abstracts Do you have any Proof that you coded VortexPvp's KitPVP Plugin?
  8. As I said,

    They started using default plugins like Essentials to make the server.
  9. Added
  10. KitBattle Advanced FTW easily #1