Good learning sources?

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  1. Hey, I want to learn Java and I'm currently taking a course on

    I am not willing to pay for any courses as I am poor. :'(

    Could you guys recommend me some places to learn Java (YouTube links, course links etc)

    Thank you. :)
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  2. Any other ones? Preferably easy ones to undertand xD

    I used Codecademy to learn Python and JavaScript a few years ago. I haven't done Java there because it was added more recently, but I would expect the quality to be as good as it is for Python and JavaScript.
  4. Do not use solo learn or code academy if this is your first programming language. They teach syntax and not the actual ideas of programming. You will just waste your time trying to memorize information instead of actually knowing it

    iTunes U Go to top charts for the software category

    There is a bunch of amazing resources there. And they are not from random people who barely know what they are talking about on YouTube.

    many classes on iTunes U are from universities like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT which are the top colleges for computer science.

    I can recommend CS50 for an overview of computer science, which is an actual college class. For iOS I recommend Stanford iOS course and I know Stanford also has a course in Java.

    I'm pretty sure their classes are also available on YouTube if you do not have iTunes U. But those are the best resources since they are from university lectures of high quality universities.
  5. Personally, I have a strong disliking towards Codecademy, it's pretty good but I don't like the method it uses to teach you. You have answer questions to move on each stage, I personally prefer to read some text, try seeing if I understand, read some more text, test out some more code, find a project to do, do that project and so on. With Codecademy, It's almost mandatory to learn everything in a certain order(Although syntax should always come first) which may not be what I want to do, I find it less fun when forced to do certain tasks.

    However, Codecademy is extremely interactive and beginner friendly but personally, I prefer other resources such as In easy steps and Learn X in Y minutes
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  6. Thank you so much for your opinions guys, I've found a Udemy course for $10 so I'm going to see if that works out. Any opinions on this?
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  7. Honestly I wouldn't even pay $10 because of the amount of resources already available for free. that course looks like its good and free
  8. I understand where you're coming from, but this teacher (Tim) is voted one of the best teachers on Udemy, this is the reason why I'm enrolling in his course.
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  9. I learned all of my programming knowledge from working with java private mmo servers and simple google searching. There are plenty of learning resources that are online for free, never thought to pay for courses. I don't recommend watching youtube videos because sometimes the people that make them have bad programming habits/techniques, and you don't want to learn that
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  10. I started learning web design not long ago and I want to make a career in this sphere. As everything comes with practice, I've been learning through building websites using mostly 15 Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofits from But I want to improve my skills, so I need to find a proper learning source either. Thanks for sharing such a useful information and your experience. I'll check all of the links. Anyway, if I don't find a cheap way to gain knowledge, I can always learn by myself using Google ;)