Good pc price for gaming?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by NoKillz101, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. Not necessarily true. If you're looking to build the "best gaming PC", you'll go over $2.2k lol
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  2. That id not true at all you can get thread rippers for more than that. 2200 is like mid range now
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  3. Threadripper doesn't have as good single-threaded performance as other CPUs, its main use case is heavily multi-threaded tasks. Therefore using a Threadripper for gaming is bad idea.
  4. I do agree that you can go way over 2.2K, but I mean Threadrippers are geared towards creative and server use. It really is up to the user though, so saying 2.2K is a bold statement, but somewhat true. I use IBUYPOWER for most of my market price evaluations since they don't really have an overheard premium cost.
  5. does ibuypower sell individual parts? I thought they only sell prebuilts.
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  6. You paid way to much for that setup sadly. Apologies for that.
  7. Strahan


    It's not just the CPU. $2200 buys you a really nice rig, but it isn't close to the best. Hell, that would barely cover the cost of video cards in the "best" build.
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