Good php guides?

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  1. Hello so i've been pretty intressted with website coding for some time now but i havent really had the time to learn it yet because of school however as school is at its last week for me now i thougth this would be a good oppertunity to learn php.
    I would really appreciate it if you guys could link me some good guides for php that go very indepth and explain every single thing about php.
    Oh and how diffrent is php from java?
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  2. *waits for people to say PHP is crap, use node.js, Perl or Ruby*
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  3. Thanks for the help.
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  4. Tux



    I suggest trying out Python instead.

    Did I ruin your parade?
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  5. Any reasons to why Python would be a better option to learn? (i have never really heard about Python)
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    Python is very easy to learn and is in far higher demand than PHP is. Additionally, Python is a consistent language, unlike PHP. I could show you all the reasons, but just Google "php sucks" and you'll find plenty (i.e.
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  7. PHP is crap, use node.js, Perl or Ruby

    ha get it
  8. >.>
  9. Like mentioned a few times before me, use NodeJS, Python, or Ruby. PHP is being slowly phased out, to the point where it would be more worthwhile to learn these newer languages.
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  10. As I say to lots of people, you should learn English and grammar first.
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  11. Since when is PHP being phased out? It's still being developed constantly and used by a wide range of web sites.
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  12. As the others said, drop PHP and start with Python :)

    Notice how PHP is rarely used or used in conjunction with other languages? Larger companies don't like to use PHP, and people tend to follow them :p

    PHP is definitely going to be used less often as these languages become popular. Also, if you are looking for web development jobs, next to none ask for PHP developers.
  14. YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia use PHP, so not sure what large companies you're on about. This site is using PHP and so is most of the internet. There are many jobs for PHP developers: and looking at the usage from various sites PHP still holds a big role within the web development industry.
  15. nfell pls

    YouTube runs Python, Facebook is implementing Java and C++ along with PHP, Yahoo is transitioning to NodeJS, and Wikipedia runs WikiMedia which was written in PHP a while ago :p
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  16. Don't link to things then :p
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  17. Okay in that case could you link some good in-depth Python guides?
    Thank you for correcting me.
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