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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a Minecraft server, that:
    - Has a static IP, not domain name(eg.;
    - Has own Webpage:
    a) with access to MYSQL ( phpMyAdmin or related),
    b) with access to Webpage folder,
    c) has the same static IP​
    - User has access to full server folder;
    Thank you!​
  2. The easiest way is buying a dedicated server or a vps and manually install the web server,mysql,phpmyadmin and multi craft. You will also need to buy a domain name that points to your server ip so that users can access it easily. I personally reccomend OVH

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  3. I can do Minecraft and Website server at home, but I don't have a good computer.
  4. I'm a bit confused... you are looking for a an host provider, aren't you?

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  5. Strahan


    When he said manually install Minecraft and such he meant on the OVH dedi, not your home computer.

    Huh? You want a static IP, but not a domain name? Why? That makes no sense. Domain names are far preferable to just an IP as your users will be able to remember it.
  6. I think (and I could be wrong) They mean they want a host that provides an IP address that they could forward their domain to, rather than like what those crappy free hosts have []
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    That'd be a strange way for him to word it, but at least it would make sense hehe.
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  8. That's what I mean.
  9. Then OVH is a great choice (or any other provider. I pref OVH since it has good prices).
    You can start with a small VPS and eventually upgrade it in the future. They provide you a virtual dedicated server with a static IP but you will have to set up everything by remote terminal
  10. Anyway, thank you for help. I will consider the OVH
  11. Like Tigierrei said, you can always host it yourself. If you are looking to have it managed, you can buy hosting. I sell my own hosting if you are interested just PM me and we can talk
  12. It's old topic, but can you me give links to tutorials about those VPS? It could be OVH.
  13. A vps is actually a dedicated server. Once you buy the vps you have to choose the operative system (I recommend ubuntu,debian or centos) then you have to connect to the server using an ssh terminal (like Putty). After that you can freely manage your server. You will need to learn the most common linux commands of course

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  14. VPS does not mean dedicated. VPS stands for virtual private server, this can be multiple VPS on one machine. Dedicated servers are where you have one entire machine to yourself and there is no other user on that same machine. That's why they called it dedicated, dedicated to you.

    I don't see much reasoning in getting a VPS that isn't dedicated as you might aswell go with a Minecraft host at that point and get support. If you want the best quality go for a dedicated one. Shared VPS seems pointless to me.
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  15. There is not so much difference in terms of performance nowadays (to be more specific, I think that VPS performances are more than sufficient for his needs). I don't see the point to rent a pre-configured server from a Minecraft host while you can manage everything by yourself using a VPS. Usually dedicated servers are offered with 16 GB of RAM, if you need less you have to choose a VPS, that's why I have suggested it.
    Since he wants to buy a domain, use PHPMyAdmin, host a Minecraft server and access it using FTP, renting a VPS will be a lot less expensive than what you have suggested
  16. Regardless where you host, you can just go to or and get a $10 domain name for a year.
    The hosting provider will tell you the IP of the system/account, just IN A record your dns of the domain to that IP and you're set.
    Then at the hosting account you can usually reverse resolve the IP back to that valid domain name.

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