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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by SwiftUnlock, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Hello im sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum,

    Anyways i need help finding a better hist than im using right now (shockbyte) i have 75 plugins and get around 10-20 players. My server type is factions.
  2. What is your budget?
  3. If you are from europe check
  4. you mean? :p
    But i would recommend webtropia (MyLoc) over ovh because it's way cheaper and i have had no problems with it what so ever.

    Just keep in mind that webtropia's prices are exclusive of VAT (Still cheaper than ovh / sys though)
  5. Webtropia is cheaper thats true, but the ovh game servers have a perfect DDOS protection.
    With webtropia and other services like hetzner or netcup i had every day DDOS problems...

  6. My budget for now is 15-30
    And thanks for those ideas ill check them out
  7. With that kind of budget, how much ram do you need?
  8. Not alot thats why prob 3-4
  9. if its for a minecraft server hosting I really recommend the web omgservs You have unlimited ram and slots for only 9,99$
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  10. As a system administrator, I would like to point out that the unlimited plan is a bunch of bollocks and is literally impossible.
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  11. That's because omgserv knows that there is people that believes everything they see in the internet
  12. @GetRektByNoob cough cough
  13. Anvilnode is the cheapest host I've found and I've worked with people using their services for about 3-4 years now. Super nice staff, I recommend them a lot!
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  14. Ok guys ill check those out to
  15. MyLoc is an aweful datacenter.
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  16. Why?
  17. ExtraVM

    Never had a single issue, and prices were niceeeeeee.
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  18. check out
  19. Agree with this. ExtraVM is run by a former staff member of Spigot, as well. He really knows his stuff.
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