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  1. With amplification attacks and ovh being in the top3 of the recent memcached ddos attacks involvement, and ddos attacks hitting over 1tbit/sec taking sites like github down.. i dunno if paying for ddos is really worth it these days. If they want you down: you go down.
  2. I never have been atacked with 1 terrabyte per second, deticated gameservers are good protected when i look at other hosters.
    Netcup goes down with some mbits per second.
    Or other hosters like webtropia, strato, ...

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    I’d recommend BisectHosting.

    Never had an issue with them and they respond within 10 minutes if you have any questions as well as being very professional and polite.
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  4. I honestly wouldn't use them their hardware is really weak and they are expensive
  5. Use VPS if u need the good one. Take a look on google for VPS provider.
  6. 100%
  7. extravm resells ovh servers it looks like.

    i suggest just going with someone cheap like nocix until you need to expand. setup ip rotation so ddos attacks wont matter or a gretunnels or reverseproxies.
  8. The cheapest and most reliable one is FalconNode, $1.25 for 1GB, Very cheap. It is also the one i like to use for my server KizamyMC (Play.KizamyMC.Net)
  9. There is no such thing as "unlimited ram". Any host that sells something like that is a pure scam. I haven't used much MC hosts, but I can sure as hell tell you that OmgServs is one of the worst I've ever experienced (being a dev for a server that used them).
  10. Each time I see unlimited ram and cpu i just think to myself: i wonder how much money i can make through a lawsuit if i get a lawyer to look into this. What if i write an app that doesn't stress the system but requires 16 terabyte of data cycling for data calculations in memory?
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  11. I used to work at and can say that they have a good management team. They offer plans which go for $1/GB which is extremely cheap. Other than that, is also a good option too and can say many good things about them.
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  12. is very good it has good vpses for good prices you'll get a lot of ram for a low price! :) Its starting at 6.99 EUR for 6gb.

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