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  1. Can you guys list off good server specs?

    • CPU
    • internet speed
    • server location
    • RAM
    This is for a 500 player server, adjust your reply
  2. 500 players?
    you'll need a powerful server for that.
    i'd say either MC-64-OC from
    Intel Core i7 6700K from with 64gb ram.

    just remember you'll probably need to configure spigot and make sure your .sh startup file has the correct flags to get the best out of the server(s).
    if you're going to be running a bungee network, i'd recommend getting 2 dedicated servers to split the load.

    as for the internet speed, the uplink at both ovh and reliablesite is at least 500mbp/s, more than plenty for minecraft.
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  3. With the MC-64-OC from OVH you'll be able to easily host over 1000, maybe 1500-2000 players when plugins are reasonably optimized. I honestly dunno about the network though. I think with some less power you'd also easily manage 500 players.
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  4. You won't bw able to support 500 easy will need way mkre than a good server. I7700k has best single core performace cpu you won't need more than 32gb of ram. I7 8700k will be better but they net remote access motherboards to come out for servers. Hopefully 2nd or 3rd quarter this year they will produce them. Location go off central U.S if you looking for us players east coast for eu and us. West coast for austrial and u.s
  5. Also if is is a factions server i sell cannon and other optmizations if needed.
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  6. OP has literally not given any context about what kind of server it is. Instead of being immature and rate almost everything funny, how about just giving your opinion and leave it at that? This is a forums, if you disagree, elaborate why, not by rating someone funny.

    This really, like I said, depends on how optimized the server is and what you run on it. From the looks of OP's signature, he loves Skript, and if used everywhere you won't get anywhere near 500 players, no.

    But seriously, piss off with the funnies and grow up. Use a forums normally.
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  7. I said funny because you said 1500 playeders on 1 machine 500 is possible
  8. To answer the OP's original question:

    CPU: i5-8600K or i7-8700K, or 7600K/7700K, overclocked of possible.
    Internet speed: Since you're hosting a lot of players view distance will have to be reduced, so 100mbps should be fine, although a bit more may be necessary.
    Server location: Europe if your playerbase is mostly European, America if your playerbase is mostly American.
    RAM: 32G should be fine
  9. Without knowing the server type, we can't really recommend what you want. If it's a mashup of multiple servers, of course a CPU with more cores is going to be better in your situation and vice versa, then we can't really recommend anything.. 500 players is a bit far fetched if you're running the usual server type, you normally don't want more than 300 players online at once per server, otherwise you risk limiting gameplay too much to the point where it's not fun anymore, even at 300 players is a bit of a stretch with how much you have to limit gameplay.
  10. 8700k have no remote control motherboards yet but hopefully soon will be best option

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