Good sources to learn Java online?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Minecrafter099, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has any sources they could lend me that would give me a decent understanding of the Java language, and will help me to code. Thanks! :D
  2. IMO books are the way to go. They are most likely error-free in basic conventions unlike many videos on YouTube and what not. I personally got Java for Dummies 5th edition and learned everything I know from it. It's a great book and I really recommend it.
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  3. TheNewBoston
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  4. Now you're playing with fire.
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  5. This.

    Some of TheNewBoston's guides are very good. The one on Java, however, I would absolutely NOT recommend for beginners. It's perfect for those who have basic knowledge of C-derived languages (especially C#), but those new to programming should not start there.

    Note, however, that you don't need any real sources to begin. I started with a small PHP course and very soon moved to C and PAWN (a scripting language with scarce usage, very similar to C). I learned simply by doing little stuff, looking up everything I needed.
    I would say that teaching yourself this way is the best way to learn, but you must have the patience for it.
  6. I agree. Normally I get the beginner knowledge of a language then I start a small project. Through creating that project I learn my way around. It's also way more fun.