Good teamspeak hosting?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by vPixelZ, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a good teamspeak host. Could anyone recommend me a good host?
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    If you need under 32 slots just get a cheap VPS and setup the free license version on it. If not then I recommend, but if you want something cheap go to BargainVoice (but don't expect high quality.)
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  3. Can I recommend using discord instead? It features a modern look, a decent text channel and voice channel system and iOS, andriod and browser support.

    It is also completely free, including creating your own servers meaning you don't need to find and pay a separate company to host them :)
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  4. It depends on what you need, if you need under 32 slots find a cheap VPS and host it yourself or optionally use discord since it supports more platforms that the others free of charge.
  5. I will suggest use their vps
  6. Stop advertising. You've done this multiple times. People will click on the signature if interested.
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  7. I'm just saying please don't be mini mod.
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  9. He's not advertising, he's suggesting.
  10. He owns / is staff in the company he is "suggesting". That is advertising. (or completely biased suggesting, take your pick)
    Please stop advertising your company. Your posts are considered spam by the fact you seem to be biased toward this company, and provide no insight or reasons as to why OP should use your service.
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    I am interested in this as well. I need just need a simple one with 20 slots, and DDoS protection is unneeded as I am going to SRV through CloudFlare.
  16. I'm sorry you may wanna check this hosting