Good things to reward with ranks?

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  1. My 1.15.1/1.15.2 survival server will sell ranks for in-game currency which is automatically obtained over time as well from voting and special events (but there will be no player or admin shops; just trading with Trade+).

    Currently, I’ve set up a bunch of ranks. They give things such as:
    • One-time-use kits with items
    • /sethome & /home permissions
    • /tpa & /tpahere permissions
    • More homes
    VeinMiner permissions
    UltimateTimber permissions
    Sickle permissions

    There are many ranks which players will be able to purchase with the in-game currency, and they have to get the first rank before the second, etc.

    What are some other good practical or just fun commands or permissions to give with these ranks? Plugin suggestions or little-known commands or permissions in common plugins such as EssentialsX and CraftBook are welcome!
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  2. I've found, that over time, people are really into being able to either show off their donor ranks, and be different when owning one.

    Personally, I would hope all players get 1 sethome by default. Making people pay for that, might be a big downside, more than upside.

    Other than that, particles and pet plugins. People really like to be able to have pets or awesome particles.
    If you want something a little more lightweight or relaxed, people really enjoy things like Morphs as well.

    Just some thoughts!
    Best of luck.
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  3. I’m talking about ranks that people purchase with in-game currency gotten over time by just playing or voting for the server.
    The very first rank unlocks /home and /sethome, and it won’t take long to unlock it (maybe around 10 minutes).

    The latter ranks give things such as /tpa, /tpahere, more homes, more powerful kits, pickaxe VeinMiner permission, and SpawnSilk perms, etc.

    These ranks won’t be purchased with real money. The cosmetic stuff is reserved for the donator ranks, with a few exceptions perhaps.
    I’m just looking for more commands and/or permissions, perhaps more plugins, to reward players with for playing and voting.
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  4. Understood, mb I didn't fully read the way of obtaining the rank.

    I would still think its very nice to throw in a few cosmetic items for free as this may help to tempt buying of a donor rank. In other forms it could throw them off cos they already have some.

    I think a top in-game rank could offer something like a /feed command or access to crafting table via command or enderchest. But of course, this is top rank stuff.
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  5. public warps might be a good idea, especially if you have players hosting their own events for prizes. Try giving lower ranks basic commands but with limitations or drawbacks, and then entice them to play more by removing the restrictions on higher ranks.

    For example, move /tpa and /tpahere to a low rank BUT make a cooldown for 10 seconds. Later ranks might have only 2 seconds or no cooldown at all. The goal is to set the players in a determined mood so that they strive to achieve more and then eventually get less restrictions. You do not want to place too many, otherwise it will just become a burden to most players.

    Custom enchants might also be a big thing but that alters game play a lot so that's up to you
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  6. Those are great ideas; thanks! Although sadly, there’s no way to have two cooldowns for teleporting or to restrict it to /tpa only. I can have a cooldown for lower ranks but no cooldown for higher ranks, though.
  7. You can always get a cooldown plugin that makes cooldowns for specific commands (e.g.

    if you dont plan on doing that though there is still always limiting how many homes or warps certain users can set, or any quantity based feature which can be increased as the ranks get higher.
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  8. Adding /feed or or a condense command (crafting blocks from ingot/nuggets instantly) could be nice useful commands to add, you could also add a cooldown to those commands.
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  9. What I found to be generally quite a good one and (although this does break EULA if you don't let non-paid players get it somehow) is /fly. Now it probably sounds stupid to let people fly around but with a few plugins you can make it so once someone enters pvp they get knocked out of fly / they can only do it in certain areas ie claims.

    It definitely makes it a lot more fun for some as it is just a personal benefit
  10. If the server is Survival/PvP, you could also disable fly if there are players nearby (like a 50 block radius or something). If the players wants to be able to build together and fly next to each other, you could also implement a kind of team/friends plugin to allow them to fly together.
  11. That's a good idea!