Good Video Game Names?

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  1. I am making a game... In Unity... Don't judge...
    It is like The Hunger Games, more like Minecraft version with spectating and sponsoring.
    I will make a new thread for it when I get screenshots etc.
    Features so far:
    - Crafting
    - Moving... duh
    - Animals
    But what should I call it?
    I thought of Thanatos
    That is demise translated to Greek, then sounded out in English.
    But sadly, that is already a 2D plat former gamer... wat?
    - Flo :D
  2. PonyGames
  3. 0MG YES
    The price is $1337 and 69 cents.

    what is my problem? ;-;
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  4. xD why so expensive (if not sarcastic)...

    You should call it Into The Wild

    If not then...

    - Hunger Games
    - Wilderness
    - Game of Survival

  5. Sure..
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  6. ^^ True.
  7. saphiria


    Minecraft Pocket Edition
    Minecraft PC/Mac
    Minecraft xbox
    Minecraft PI
    Minecraft GC
    Minecraft Console
  8. Seems cheesey, but I dont really have anything better.