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  1. Hey, I am planning on getting a better website as I am using enjin right now (ugh) and I was wondering what web hosts some of you use. Thanks! The max I will spend is $10/mo.
  2. You could get a VPS, is that something you would be interested in?
  3. works great for me.
  4. Possibly, although it may not be the right thing for me as I am just starting out with web hosting.
  5. RSNET-Radic


    DigitalOcean is typically a great go-to place, plus you get the benefit of a VPS setup.
  6. I'd recommend DigitalOcean as well if you want a well-priced KVM VPS, decent performance, and have all their templates and pre-installed applications.
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    BlazeServers. :p
    @AaronL98 and I use it, it's amazing and support is very speedy.
    It uses Choopa's network as well. (Basically ReliableSite)
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  8. I can also recommend DigitalOcean, both of my website run well on their lowest plan.

    If you can't be bothered setting up a VPS, BisectHosting, NameCheap and HostPresto offer very good services at cheap prices.
  9. MyBB Is what my developer is setting up currently, still working it out but check out

    oops for VPS i have no idea... I thought you meant website software...
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    StableHost is a great shared web host if you don't want to manage a VPS, they use CloudLinux and have a very good reputation. If you want a VPS to manage yourself, really anything will do. OVH Classic will work perfectly fine for a small web server, but if you need a control panel you'll have to pay for a good one. cPanel is what most shared hosts use and it's $15~/m for a VPS license. You could use VestaCP or some free panels but some of them (not naming) have some form of security flaw.
  11. I think that ExtraVM will fit in your needs about hosting your websitte!
  12. It also depends on how many people. If you optimize correctly, you could easily get a cheap host on a shared server. I ran a MySQL intense website for awhile, dealing with almost a million of rows. Instead of getting a dedicated server, I optimized. Instead of searching through row by row, like most people, I used indexes and optimized everything I could. In the end I used a 20 dollar host, and it worked out somewhat fine.
  13. I would use DigitalOcean