Google beats Oracle, API usage is 'fair use'

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  1. News:

    Great news for everybody who knows anything about technology.

    Seems like this could be an important court decision for Spigot/Bukkit. The court found that even though the API is the IP of Oracle, since Google did significant work on it it's protected under fair use. Since Spigot devs have done significant work on the Bukkit API since the version Wesley Wolfe worked on, wouldn't that mean SpigotMC is now free to redistribute the source or at least API under fair use?
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  2. No, because
    A: the original API implementation was illegal
    B: Google did a re-implementation, spigot still uses bukkits code
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  3. The whole ordeal is far more confusing than you could ever imagine. The original Bukkit team had originally contacted Mojang about the licence agreement and apparently settled things with them. They just ignored the conflicting licences between bukkit and mojang's code. When it was discovered that Mojang actually owned the Bukkit source as a part of hiring the original developers, wolverness angrily issued a DMCA for his code using the conflicting licences as his basis. (Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.) The only solution is for him to revoke the DMCA or for Mojang to open their server code that craftbukkit is based on (Not happening. It's even heavily obfuscated)

    That's a very stripped down version. If anyone is interested, PM necrodoom on the bukkit forums and ask for the full story. He knows it better than anyone. Just be prepared for some sass, he's still very adamant that spigot's updating of the Bukkit API is not official.
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  4. Google winning this is a very important for FOSS and emulators (though Google winning the first suit would be even more favorable). Really glad they won, but Oracle will definitely appeal back to the court that ruled that APIs can be copyrighted. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    I believe what he's trying to say is that the Oracle v Google case doesn't really apply to Bukkit/ Spigot (at least with point B, point A is false-ish).
  5. Who else don't like that google beat oracle
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  6. Who else don't like this mad necro
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  7. well y'know i don't really care about it but i thought i'd share my opinion since it's already been bumped up and will be locked soon. k?
  8. Bumping a thread less than a month old barely counts as necroposting :rolleyes:
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