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The ultimate painting tool for Minecraft

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    GoPaint - The ultimate painting tool for Minecraft

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  2. Dacon


    Awesome plugin!

    A suggestion I have is for it to be possible to give pre-defined exported brushes with a command

    Example 1

    /gp give [name] size:6 blocks:stone,grass mask:stone mode:surface

    Example 2


    size: 6
    - stone
    - grass
    mode: surface

    /gp give [name] example-brush

  3. Arcaniax


    You can theoretically already do that with the essentials give command as long as you follow the guidelines how the exported ones look like.
    But it sounds like a pretty cool feature!
  4. Dacon


    derp. Tried that earlier but just realized I made a formatting mistake and assumed it didn't work lol. Thanks
  5. can you add that I also sand and gravel can replace / insert with goPaint?
  6. Arcaniax


    I disabled those because they could possibly lag out a server when they fall. use a placeholder and use WE to replace it or something
  7. Dacon


  8. Arcaniax


  9. Is there a way you could possibly add an Underlay brush? I'm not sure if it is possible to minecraft's restraints, But what I want is a way to underlay specific blocks, (Say the mask is grass and the underlay block is dirt it will only underlay 1 block under the grass, ect). If this is possible I would love to see it in the plugin, Thanks :)
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  10. A supplement to this idea is a layer option for overlay which you can tick on and off to enable/disable it, How it would work is the top layer would overlay lower layers, There would probably have to be a maximum amount of layers, though. Example, The top layer is grass and podzol second and third layer is dirt, coarse dirt and brown clay mix. It would have grass and podzol on the top and two blocks under it dirt, coarse dirt and brown clay So its a three block overlay. Not sure if this is possible either but it most likely is. I will upload pictures to what the GUI would look like tomorrow once I have my computer again. Thanks. (Sorry for double post it said it was spam or too long when I tried to edit the previous one).
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  11. Are there more brushes coming soon?
  12. Arcaniax


    yeah going to update this plugin soon
  13. Would it be possible to add a permission node for people to use similarly to goBrush?
  14. Yeah go update for 1.12 :D please
  15. Does this work for 1.12? The user above makes me think not, but it says "Tested version 1.12" on the overview page.
    Are you also planning on updating this to 1.13?
  16. Arcaniax


    This works with 1.12 :)
    1.13 will be supported.

    Also an update for this is coming very shortly!
  17. Sweet!
    May I know what it is? :wink:
  18. Arcaniax


    More brushes, FAWE integration and many more things!
    scroll through my Twitter to see some previews :)
  19. [​IMG]

    Plane btw

    Seriously though, I love it
    I'm not a builder, but I still love this plugin. Perhaps it'll help me become a builder ;P
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