Spigot Grammar 1.01

Makes your chat look nicer.

  1. Can you add a minimum character value to do this to?
    Such as, if the message has 3+ characters, it will "gramarize" the message.
  2. Will do
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  3. Could I have the source code for this? I really want to see what I can do because this is a fantastic idea. If I do make a release, I will give you most of the credit. I probably won't do a public release though, mainly for my server instead. :p
  4. Feel free, The code might change tomorrow because there are some small issues with it. Good luck!
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  5. Love this plugin already. Is it possible to not add a . if the sentence already ends with a . , ! ? : ; - etc.
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  6. Shouldn't it be "I'm awesome!" ;)
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  7. Fixed that