Spigot GraviTree [Discontinued] 3.5.0 [1.13+ Version]

Prevent floating treetops

  1. ShaneBee submitted a new resource:

    GraviTree - Prevent floating treetops

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  2. SpacePuppeh


    @RoboMWM hey this is here – if you have one maybe you two could merge your work together, etc. You might not need to do anything now.
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  3. lol, I'm glad ShaneBee seems to have some java skills now, kinda? Maybe?

    Hmm not really. Nor does he seem to be aware of the great glories of maven. Or the tag system to easily look for all types of wood types and log types.

    Though it seems someone forked mine and updated it to 1.13, and then they added bstats to it lol.
  4. And apparently that guy who forked doesn't know how to not have it output a dependency-reduced-pom nor is aware of the Tag system either :c
  5. HAHA ShaneBee knows a little bit of java now... kinda.. maybe ;)
    Im aware of maven and gradle, I just haven't delved into that part of plugin creation yet.
    I also haven't dealt with Tags yet but its definitely on my list of things to do / learn!
    Im very new to working with Java so dont hate on me for trying, we all gotta start somewhere right?!?!
  6. You better do this sooner than later. Makes forking and etc. waaaaay easier since it automatically sets up all dependencies for you.
    Lol it's okay, you could've forked my repo for starters : p but I agree - probably would suggest making plugins of your own first. My first plugin was an addon for GP, lol.

    Anyways, I fixed this "properly." Feel free to use/publish my fork/jar here. https://ci.appveyor.com/project/RoboMWM39862/gravitree/build/1/artifacts
  7. I did a few older plugin updates a couple months ago, just to get them out to the public, since a lot of people dont know how to build from a repo. I never really had an intention to make them great.
    I have made my own plugin, its PRETTY simple, but it does the trick for what I needed :)

    As for forking your repo, at the time I didnt know you had a fork, I just forked it straight from the source (Big_Scary's repo)
    I will definitely take a look at the changes you made and take inspiration from it. I do appreciate you doing all the work, but I do want to learn so Im going to attempt this myself.

    Thank you for the help :)
  8. Which is why I suggest starting with your own stuff, that way you get a lot more learning experience than just tweaking something you didn't design from scratch.

    Either way I don't want to maintain a spigot page and etc. for that stuff so I'd prefer you use my fork but if not, that's fine too I guess. Yours does currently differ from the original (idk why you substituted podzol for hardened_clay, for example).
  9. Thats because there is no hardened clay in 1.13, just Terracotta, (doing an update now implementing your Terracotta extra tag) I added the podzol because there is a chance a tree could generate on podzol (ie: Mega Taiga)
  10. Yea I know that hardened_clay and stained_hardened_clay are now Terracotta.

    :c why not just use my fork/PR to it then, I'm proud of that class I made that accounts for colors while not getting things like glazed variants :s
  11. Dont you worry, I will obviously Credit you/list you as a contributor. I know you are busy with PLENTY of other things (GP/EHM), and this plugin should be the LEAST of your worries.
    Also, If I plan to do more updates to this plugin in the future (After I learn more with Java) I will be able to keep pushing my changes to my repo!
  12. Benefits to using mine is primarily that it's mavenized so others can easily PR/maintain as well. Would rather you just fork from or PR to mine if you gonna take stuff instead of just some credit... :s Maybe if yours was mavenized it would be a slightly different story.

    Honestly EHM is one that could use some help for updating to 1.13.
  13. 1) I personally would probably end up using gradle vs maven. From my point of view, its more user friendly (especially for building plugins from another repo) As for others being able to easily fork and build from it, its really not that hard. If someone cant figure that out they probably dont need the repo.

    2) If I was more advanced with Java I would totally delve into working on EHM. Its one of my fav plugins, and my team has been waiting on that one. I did clone it and take a peak, seems like it needs A LOT of work, most likely way past my abilities. Wish I could be of some help on that one!
  14. For something this small sure not too much but any other plugin that requires more than one dependency, it's not fun hunting for them all. But anyways if ur gonna take my stuff at least put me in authors and add bstats.

    As for maven vs. gradle, there's a lot on that subject. All I know is that it's slower : p
  15. 1) I added you to the authors, but I dont plan on attempting bstats right now, so ill just remove that class and write it a different way for now
    2) I believe I heard that before. I just know from my experience, a repo/plugin that uses gradle, i just clone the repo and run ./gradlew clean build, DONE... where with maven, I have yet to be able to figure out how to build from maven, im sure one day I'll figure it out!
  16. Exact same. Clone repo, mvn install, done.
  17. Ahh good to know. I was attempting to build from EHM using Maven and it wasnt working for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong!
  18. SpacePuppeh


    Robo he's doing his best man, but glad you can help out and advise on some things.

    I also installed your new build you sent me :)
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  19. SpacePuppeh


    Hey I'm getting reports that this isn't functional in the nether. If so, can you add that soon? You or Shane?