Spigot GraviTree [Discontinued] 3.5.0 [1.13+ Version]

Prevent floating treetops

  1. Ill have to do some testing with it tomorrow.
    Ill fire up a 1.12.2 server with EWG

    Could you please give me as many details as you can so i can replicate the issues.
    Like what is happening, what is not happening, what you expect to happen... etc?
    Thank you :)
  2. Plugin do nothing like vanilla cut, will not work with ewg i think and rwg too and OTG https://www.openterraingenerator.com/downloads
  3. Im curious which version you are using?

    I just started up a server with EWG and GraviTree 3.4.1
    I chopped down a tree, and it fell as expected. (Didn't change anything in the config)

    Here is a video:

    I can't seem to replicate the issue you are having.
  4. RWG? and OTG? For EWG i dont know
  5. Sorry no I meant which version of GraviTree are you using?
  6. Will we be getting a 1.14 version and if so, can you tell how far progress towards it is at the moment? :)
  7. Ill do some testing, but I don't see why this wouldn't work on 1.14
  8. Will it also replant the tree automatically, or is there this option in config editable?
  9. No this plugin doesn't have that option.
    I don't think adding this would work really well, and here is why:
    When you break a block, the blocks above fall. They keep falling until the final block of wood has fallen to the ground, at which point here would the sapling be placed? When you break the last block? That would be hard to determine why you broke the last block vs a player placing a log on the ground and breaking it right away to get a sapling.
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  10. Yeah, you are right, it's nearly impossible to determine, but it would be nice to have only because wilderness gets empty after a time and no one ever planted a tree when they cut down the tree. I wanted to save time with less need of regeneration, but I guess there is just no way to do it. Thanks for your answer though.
  11. You're welcome.
    The other issue with this, as I have noticed previously on servers that had this feature is, it plants the sapling, player continues on their journey, chunk is unloaded, tree never grows.
    So at the end of the day, its useless.

    Me personally, on my server, I have the main world "Earth" which players can build/claim land/live/etc, and then a resource world in which the players can do their tree chopping, hunting, exploring, mining, anything really.
    This world we reset every few weeks or so, it help keeps the main world clean.

    Just some food for thought!
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  12. Really smart idea lol, and I was tottaly dumb about not thinking of that chunk being unloaded. Thanks for this, appriciate it a lot.

  13. You're welcome. I think a lot of people forget about that. On a server i was playing on, I kept running around and there was just saplings everywhere. Its almost as bad looking as floating tree tops.
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  14. SlimeDog


    Agreed. I test four different tree-chopper plugins. On all of them (well, the other three), the first thing I did was configure to not auto-plant saplings, for just these reasons.
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  15. SpacePuppeh


    PopulationDensity has this feature @SmeXhy, the one about planting trees. Works quite well. :)
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  16. SlimeDog


    Please clarify and/or correct: It looks to me that PopulationDensity places each new player in a resource-rich area. It does nothing for current players, insofar as I can tell. It can be configured to respawn entities and replant trees in that area, to keep the player supplied with exploitable resources. So that might remove the need to duplicate ShaneBee's setup, in a more natural way. Or not. YMMV.
  17. SpacePuppeh


    PopulationDensity does include many other features for sure, so I'm not sure he'd want all of them. Trees drop saplings as they decay, and plant themselves on the ground if not picked up, replenishing the resources. This happens everywhere.
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  18. SlimeDog


    Thanks. Also note that PopulationDensity assumes that you want new players spawned away from other players, lest the others consume the resources that are meant for the newbie. This may or may not be what you want, and may be configurable. Worth investigating.
  19. I've decided to discontinue this plugin.
    I haven't done work on it in a long time, and frankly I don't really have a drive to do any work on it.

    I believe RoboMWM has a better copy of it on devBukkit, but I would recommend using TreeGravity by Dudenn, much cooler/better plugin.
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