Spigot GravityBoots ▬▬▬★100% OFF! SALE ★▬▬▬ 1.0.1

Ever wanted to get high?

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    GravityBoots ▬▬▬★100% OFF! SALE ★▬▬▬ - Ever wanted to get high?

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  2. Good jobs ! I like it very much but you can add particles
  3. @LaxWasHere can you explain a little about the recipe ? Is it to allow people to make the gravity boots and if so what are the ingredients ? I can not tell by looking at the spoiler , as it appears you are using a texture pack .
  4. [AIR][AIR][AIR]
    [EnderPearl][Nether Star][EnderPearl]
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  5. @LaxWasHere is there away we could be able to choose the key we wanted to enable disable GB's ?
  6. The client does not allow us to listen to key press, so we're stuck with listening to crouch. :|
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  7. Can you add this feature? disable effect on take damage