Spigot Graylist 1.1

Simple, effective graylist management.

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    Graylist - Simple, effective graylist management.

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  2. I've updated the description to clarify what the plugin does.
  3. This is great. Two requests though. Can you put in an option to disable flying for non-graylisted folks and can we have the ability to write a customer graylist message?
  4. Being able to fly is a part of the spectator gamemode, so if I wanted to disable flight I would essentially need to code spectator mode, but without flight, by hand. I do not believe this is a necessary change, as spectator mode already exists and is a great solution for allowing new players to explore the server without interfering with anything.

    I can, however, re-work the graylist message to make it completely user-customizable. Expect an update within the next few days! The update is live!
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    The Minor Fix Update

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