GRE tunnel on OVH vps classic1

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  1. Hello since I'm very low on money, tho I'm getting 200/100 connection very soon (and I think 100mbps upload should be enough for 50, hopefully 100 players?), I would like to host a minecraft server from my home. I have decent laptop to host it from, my biggest concern is DDOS. I've searched online and I found GRE tunneling. From info I gathered I can order a ddos protected vps, GRE tunnel to my IP address and host server like that. I'm aware of increased ping but I don't think it will be too much (I hope). But I have few questions:

    1. Can I use GRE tunnel on OVH VPS classic1? (If not suggest another cheap vps with ddos prot that can)

    2. My IP is dynamic, but all my players will be in same timezone, I will reset router every night and I will get new IP, I already set up dynamic IP updated so domain I own gets updated to latest IP, and question is, in GRE tunnel, can I put my domain name instead of my IP since my IP changes?

    3. Will I be able to see real IPs from players in my minecraft server?

    4. Since my computer that will be hosting will be in LAN netowork, will I have problems connecting to it through VPS? If yes then I can just use LAN IP and it will not interfere with others connected to GRE?

    5. If I let 100% trusted players (admins) to not connect through GRE tunnel but instead to my real IP, everything will be fine and they will theoretically get lower ping?

    6. If you have any experience with this please say so, and if you have any tutorial to suggest on how to set this up properly (or just point me in right direction about googling).

    7. If you are experienced in this and you have done this before, is there any common mistakes/errors that I should be aware of when doing this?
  2. Can you post your laptop specs? CPU name, and the amount of ram? Just because your getting 200/100 internet doesn't mean you can hold 50-100 players as it varies by how fast your CPU is in single thread performance. If you got those general use CPUs I would expect about 5-30 players depending on the CPU.
  3. 50mbps is enough upload for several hundred players, so you don't need to worry in that department.

    Kinda interested in what your ISP is using for the last mile? Cable, wireless, fiber?
  5. While I thank you for your concern, I don't see how any of that affects GRE tunneling.

    My cpu is Intel Core i5-2450M, scoring 1,405 in single thread performance + 6 gb of ram. It's still better cpu and Ram (planning to give server 4gb) than most of the VPSes I can afford. I also have complete control over it so no one can limit my ghz or something.

    As for internet, I plan on streaming and doing everything else on internet same time as I'm hosting server. It is using optic fiber and this is ISP:

    Now can anyone answer my questions about GRE tunneling? Thanks.
  6. As far as I know the kernel on the OVH VPS Classic range doesn't support GRE tunneling, only TCP tunneling (player's IP will appear as the IP of the VPS). You would need to use a VPS Cloud for GRE tunneling to work.
    You should be able to let trusted admins connect directly and they'll get better ping.
    I don't have any experience with setting up a GRE tunnel from a VPS to a home server, so I don't know how easy it is.
    Hopefully this helped you somewhat :)
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