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  1. I have recently noticed that there is always something in one thread or another going on about who uses what Hosting Service, and what they think of it it. So, how about we make a Hosting Index. If you like your hosting company is that good, post a reply here, then nightly I will add a quick link to the post with some basic information to your reply. Hopefully this will condense all the Hosting Posts to just 1. If you are on board, help everyone out!

    1. OVH +2 - hcherndon - Comment Link
    2. Webtropia - levisn1 - Comment Link
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  2. OVH used by: INFGaming.
    Server Series: MG4
    Specs: Hex-core 3.2Ghz/3.8Ghz - 64GB Ram - 240GB SSD - 4TB HDD - 1Gbps Up/Downlink
    OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.0.4 (I think.)

    We are running 9 Servers, all BungeeCorded together, an Apache Web Server, Localhost MySQL, and a TeamSpeak 3 Server. Average 20.0 TPS on all servers.

    We had one hiccup where we had a bad power supply causing out server to spontaneously combust and burn into a billion fiery pieces, (not really), so we called them, and they did an intervention on our server and fixed it within 30 minutes. Haven't had any downtime since then. (I think we are at 15+ Days straight no restart on our box).

    They have amazing customer support, we have called them many times a day, (For testing we called them at 4 AM EST once.) Each time we were connected to an operator within a minute.

    • Cheap
    • High Quality
    • Great Service
    • Great Uptime
    • Large series of Servers to choose from.
    • Can't upgrade anymore from where we are. (At least I don't think.)
    • DDoS Protection costs extra. (As with most every server hosting company.)
    HTOP Screenshot:
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  3. +1 For OVH, been using them ever since i started hosting

    Server series: SP 32 SSD
    Server specs: Xeon 1245v2, 32GB RAM, 2x Intel 320 120gb SSD, 100/100 connection

    9 Bungee linked servers, 1 Voltz server, 1 private Tekkit server, TS3, Apache, MYSQL. Never had below 19 TPS on all servers.

    Same Pros as above


    Same as above..
  4. How many players are on (average)
  5. Bungee linked server:
    Weekdays average 90 peak 110-120
    Weekend average 130-140 peak 170-180

    Weekdays average 60 peak 90
    Weekend average 110 peak 130

    All the servers are with render distance 10, never once had the cpu hit 80%
  6. Thanks I was thinking of switching to the
    SP 32G SSD Dedicated server

    - Last question
    + What OS?
  7. I personally use Ubuntu 12.10. But its more user preference than anything, any linux distro is fine.
  8. Thanks
  9. Guys take a look to Webtropia if you are in Eu.
  10. Wow, thats really cheap, are they any good compared to OVH?
  11. What can i say...the assistence is more better than the moment im using OVH, because i wanted the 64 gb ram machine xP...but trust me if i tell you that the L series of webtropia is also very good :) look at the processor..very powerful for minecraft. I advice you to always take a look to the single thread's benchmarks (minecraft works on one thread) to see who can give you the best performance. :)
  12. hcherndon With the package you purchased from OVH, is the bandwidth unmetered?
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    Im the one who actually purchased the VPS hcherndon is talking about. When we talked to the guy on the phone he told us it is unmetered to an extent. If they notice you're using WAY more bandwidth than you should, you should expect an email from them. Other than that they said it will stay unmetered until they are fully functional in the United States. Once they become full functional, a manager told me it will be around 5TB.