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  1. Not sure where to post this, so feel free to move it around...

    OK, has anyone ever encountered a glitch where you log out and the chunks spasm around you when you log back in? It's purely clientside but only occurs on the server. I'm actually not even sure if it 100% to do with Spigot, but its not solely my client or it would occur in singleplayer.

    The effects? Well, terrain randomly spazzes and changes to the point of being strobe-like. It's almost as though chunks are visibly cycling around me. But recently...I got something even more unexpected... a GREEN GUI. Don't believe me?
    A green GUI. Some items appear to overlap the GUI too, but only if my hand is empty (ya, like that makes sense)

    And this is what I saw normally...The giant pink thing? yea...that's another player. My dad actually...

    Here's a few more:

    Has anyone encountered this before? More unexpectedly...the GUI is GREEN!! If only this could be implimented somehow heh. My dad has encountered similar issues but involving the juxtaposition of item textures (like apples, porkchops and wood textures) onto blocks and block-forms. A floor...made of porkchop-blocks. No mods. THough I have to admit...the anvil with a bedrock texture except on top where it looks like acacia bark...looked amazing...

    From my dad. This is a similar issue but is not directly related to my own logout-glitch. This happens to him on very rare occasions (no idea why) and occurs completely ingame (clientside, again). I like the anvils...

    I posed for this one heh. Yhis is from his client, again, and I saw the world normally. Vines are stone brick and the potion images on the ground are cobble and mossy cobble. Oddly, chests, signs water and entities remain unchanged. Just blocks.

    Once again, Vanilla and spigot. The logout bug I've experienced for a while (no idea of cause or source) and his has occured since 1.8, but only on 3 occasions.
  2. I've never seen this before, it looks so weird. Are you sure this is not a texture pack or gpu issue?
  3. 100% I don't use resourcepacks unless I'm trying to show off a specific build. I like the vanilla look. As for gpu...that's more likely. But would updating it (or rather, not updating it) really cause this?
  4. Try deleting all of minecrafts assets it may be that somehow you default resources got messed up. Also does anything happen in the client logs?
  5. What would classify as an asset? Resource Packs obviously, but anything else?
    Nope, nothing in the logs or console. It's also so rare of an event (my dad's case, anyways) that we rarely catch it and nothing shows up when we do.
  6. Delete these folders in %appdata%/.minecraft, assets, versions, resourcepacks and server-resource-packs. All found in %appdata%
    If that does not work completely re install minecraft.
  7. I've actually done that before, re-install it. During the 1.8 release I don't recall why. Started with a fresh client. I know we used to have issues with this involving the WorldBorder plugin, and PreciousStones was always curiously popping up amidst the errors, but I get no errors or spam at all.

    I will try a fresh install sometime though. It's not high priority at the moment, just something that happens often.