Grief Logging Replacement for HawkEye

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  1. We've been using HawkEye reloaded for a long time and for the last few weeks to a month, we've been having issues with it getting overloaded.
    Server log shows:
    2013-04-19 02:41:36 [INFO] [HawkEye] The queue is almost overloaded! Queue: 72956
    When it gets too large, it literally slows down the server. /tps always says 20, but /debug clock shows much lower. Last check I saw 13.
    If I try to do a restart, it takes for ever to shut down. Then when I try to force restart it, it seems to be back to square one.
    I know it's connected to a database, otherwise it would not enable itself.
    No other database plugin shows any connection issues.

    I really like Hawkeye since I switched it over to log chat and commands from using cclogger. It's been useful to look stuff up on it's webpage for the server.
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    Prism is what I see being recommended quite often.
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  3. Prism or Logblock. If you want chat logged, use Herochat, and commands are logged in server.log.
  4. Not all commands are logged in the server.log. I'm still using rtriggers for a number of macro and feature commands, which are not shown up.
    I'll take a loot at the two choices after work. Thanks.
  5. Jigsaw


    I have always had a good experience with LogBlock.
  6. Prism is the future. Very efficient and I had far better experiences with it compared to LogBlock.