Spigot GriefPrevention Flags 5.8.5

GriefPrevention Add-On to set flags in claims.

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    GriefPrevention Flags - GriefPrevention Add-On to set flags in claims.

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  2. YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! When GriefPrevention for abandoned and turned to a free resource I was sad because this plugin never got any love! I'm so happy that some one is taking it over!

    Keep up the good work, and again, thank you so much for updating this for 1.12!

    Edit: The PVP Flag did not work well in the old version, is this fixed now? Can you only allow PVP in certain claims?
  3. Im glad you are happy about this. I just wanted to give it back to the community, because it was a great resource that was abandoned and no one had access to it. But its too great to NOT have

    I haven't actually changed anything in the plugin itself.
    As far as I know the PVP flag works. I use it on my server. As as far as I know you can add it to each individual claim, the whole world, or to ALL CLAIMS. I have mine set up so theres no PVP in the claims, but pvp is ON in the wild
  4. Thanks for the update :)
  5. You're welcome :)
  6. Oh, when you said you would not provide support, I was under the impression that it would not be maintained. I seen that you were going to post an updated JAR soon, so I am confused what your "No support" actually meant, since you're actually supporting the plugin by keeping it up/working.

    Don't need to add features, just it working is good enough.

    If you speak with @zThana she can get you situated with that group, and I am sure you could be part of it. They are taking a bunch of old outdated(but amazing) plugins and fixing them up. They won't be adding features, but they are making them open for others to use.

    Thanks for your contributions!
  7. S
    Sorry by no support I meant... I dont actually know how to write Java... but I have enough skills to update it and get it working with 1.13
    Ill do my best to keep it alive :)
  8. I wouldn't mind taking over the project, eventually adding features and fixing some if they do need tweaking. Let me know if you'd like to hand over the project ^^

    (Thanks @KnifeKat)
  9. I AM SO HAPPY THIS IS BACK- I THOUGHT I WOULD BE SAD FOREVER <3 Ignore my caps- I'm just really happy.
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  10. Its not actually my project to hand over. This project was abandoned last year (or maybe longer ago) and no one updated it. It has been open source for quite some time... Here is the link to the source on BigScary's GitHub!
  11. hehe, dont worry I OVERUSE CAPS TOO!

    The reason I resurrected this, was because I purchased the plugin some time last year, and ran it on my server with no problems. In another post regarding a problem with my server, someone tried to "CALL ME OUT" for stealing the plugin because it was a premium plugin and i cant remember why, but they thought i didnt pay for it. Then I noticed in my purchase section, it shows that plugin is now deleted. So, found the source code, compiled it with 1.12.2 and blamo.... here we are ;)
  12. This plugin is great! And very promising!
    Do you think that you would add flags in the future?
    For example, Ice Formation, FrostWalker Enchantment, Snow Melting, Creeper, Fire, Vine and Field Propagation etc ...
    Similar to the worldguard flags, some plugin protection uses a lot of flag and what I quoted you.
    Here are some ideas :)
    thank you
    See you soon
  13. If I can get some help then maybe yes.
    This isnt actually my plugin. The original dev of this (the same one as the original dev for GP) dropped the project and left it open source on his Github. So I just forked it, to be able to compile it and post for others to download.
    I don't have experience with Java so I don't actually know how to write more flags. But as soon as I get another dev to join the team and help me, I will be able to improve this plugin :)
  14. Can you make a player friendly version of this so that players can set their own flags for their claims. I realize i could give the players permissions to this plugin however I don't want them having access to all of these flags and having access to set flags on other peoples claims.
  15. Hey... thats actually really good idea. I like that. Unfortunately as I have said in previous posts, I don't know how to write java. I just forked the plugin from the original dev, and fixed it up to be able to run. Im currently looking for a dev to join the project to help me update this to suit the needs of others. Hopefully soon I can get a dev on the project to help write stuff like your ideas.
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  16. Hello,

    I'm looking for some help for my server. I own a server using griefprevention, pvp is disabled in our overworld and we would like to create some specific places for players to pvp.

    I first thougth about creating a zone with worldguard, then GP+GPflags and it is still not working...

    I created an adminclaim to try, did
    , when I do
    I can see this claim: +allowpvp.

    Maybe some of you will be able to help :)

    GPFlags config.yml
    Griefprevention config.yml
    Multiverse worlds.yml
    since we want to keep the world non pvp

    should I maybe do
    and set it true on multiverse ?

    many thanks !



    it looks like multiverse config is on top of everything else
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  17. Hey.... Sorry Im a tiny bit confused, as you have 4 different plugins changing the way PVP works.
    What I would suggest doing is setting all your plugins to allow PVP.
    And then in the gp flags config make sure the setting is set : "PvP Only In PvP-Flagged Claims: true"
    And then set the flag in said claim to allow PVP