Spigot GriefPrevention Flags 5.10.0

GriefPrevention Add-On to set flags in claims.

  1. @ShaneBee I believe version 5.7.2 causes the following issue: When someone does /unclaim, everyone inside the claim including non-members have their fly toggled off. Is there a way to prevent this from happening (this happens in claims that don't even have the fly flag applied to them).
  2. Ill have to take a look at the flag and see what the issue is. If you don't mind, please make an issue on the bug tracker so I remember to actually take a look at it.
  3. Seems Pillagers are unaffected by the NoMonsterSpawns flag. Great plugin by the way! I could never have weaned my players off Towny without this flag.
  4. I can not replicate this issue.
    I attempted to spawn a pillager in my claim, and it said "Unable to summon this entity" (or whatever the message is)
    I spawned one right outside of my claim and then I ran back in, as soon as he targeted me, he vanished.
  5. Seems that players can still enter a claim when noenter and noenterplayer have been added.
  6. Are the OP'd or have by pass perm?
    Which version are you running?
  7. No they don't have op or the bypass, we are in version 1.15.2
  8. I meant version of the plugin.
  9. The latest 5.8.3
  10. Hi, any update on the noenter problem? - We fixed the problem
    #491 Vexius, Feb 24, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2020
  11. Can i close the console command
    I don't want to see him all the time
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  12. To allow a member to set fly in their own claims they would need both gpflags.ownerfly and gpflags.setflag permissions, correct?
  13. correct
  14. Can you please help, the plugin seems to reset after we restart the server, some of the flags don't work such as playertime and noenter. They seem to work sometimes and then they stop.
  15. Which version of the plugin are you using?
  16. We are using version 5.8.5
  17. Thats odd. This was an issue with one of the previous versions which was fixed, and to my understanding no one has had this issue since.

    Ill take a look at those flags. Please pop an issue up on the issue tracker.... gotta make sure I don't forget.