GriefPrevention vs CoreProtect

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Which one is better?

  1. CoreProtect

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  2. GriefPrevention/GriefPrevention++

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  1. Hello! I which Anti-Grief plugin was better: GriefPrevention (PlusPlus) or CoreProtect. The reason why I mention GriefPrevention++ was because I am running a Cauldron (1.7.10 Forge server) and that plugin claims to handle Forge better. Which one would you recommend? (Sorry for the new post, I couldn't edit polls on the old one)
  2. JamesJ


    CoreProtect is a post-grief plugin, for showing who did it. Not preventing it.

    They're two plugins that do completely different things.
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  3. Ah, okay! Thanks for clearing that up! I'll use both in tandem. Thank you!
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