Spigot GriefPrevention 16.18

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. bigscary submitted a new resource:

    GriefPrevention - PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

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  2. Too expensive. :eek:


    Jokes aside, iv'e stayed far from GP because the gold shovel idea wasn't (isnt?) too popular with players.
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  3. dtm

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    o_O it's free?
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  4. funny how they just posted it on spigot now :p
  5. @MinecraftAdmin: you can change that to whatever tool you want in the config file. ;)
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  6. Maximvdw


    The day WorldEdit is uploaded on spigot will be the day Bukkit is dead.... for everyone
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  7. isn't the guy who made world edit one of the heads of sponge .-.
  8. Maximvdw


    Who cares,.. Spigot will never leak so the Sponge will stay dry
    Sponge sux anyway :p
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  9. sponge will never actually release :p
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  10. Big fan of this plugin. Keep up the great work! Maybe remove those unnecessary features such as /deathblow ;)
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  11. Maximvdw


    It prob will , I don't doubt that, and their idea was good when the API was still private, but then the Bukkit community came ...

    PS: But lets stay ontopic
  12. It's necessary for some rare occasions - in particular, suppose one player "steals" another players loot that was dropped on death, and refuses to give it back. Simply banning that player doesn't really fix the whole problem, since the loot isn't back where it should be. /DeathBlow <griefer> <victim> fixes that problem.

    If you have a better solution, please share! I'd prefer a solution that doesn't involve an administrator, and also doesn't make a big change to the usual gameplay.
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  13. well wouldn't that give the said loot plus the griefers stuff back to the victim?
  14. i see it as a punishment for the griefer =p
  15. I see what you mean there
  16. Actually, I just had an idea. What if when you drop stuff on death, I tag it with your UUID, and only allow you to pick it up? You'd get a message telling you about a slash command to optionally allow other players to pick up your stuff, in case a friend is nearby and can hold your items for you.

    What do you think of that?
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  17. very cool idea
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  18. Any suggestion for what the player command would be? Something short and easy to spell, but unlikely to conflict with other plugins?
  19. /dron ?
  20. some questions.
    will it protect against worldedit?
    can i turn tnt off completely?
    same as creeper damage? so also underground!
    can i turn off the ban modification because sometimes multiple kids are playing on a schools computer on my server and when 1 is spamming they all get a ban?
    can you make a subclaim inside a subclaim.
    are the markers breakable.
    does this work together with other plugins like lwc or worldguard or do i have to remove everything to get this working?
    so i can give extra blocks landclaim limit?
    can i turn off the feature that they get extra land claim power when they play long.
    can i turn off chat spam prevention?
    will it be compatible with 1.8 or carbon?

    sorry about the load of questions but i wanna make sure its suitable before use on my production server :)