Spigot GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. Its not doing it right now so im not sure.
  2. How are you confirming that's the case? If you're testing that by deleting your playerdata in your world folder, you also need to delete your playerdata in the GriefPrevention folder too.
  3. New player joined and didn't receive the book.
  4. Hi!
    I have an issue after /deleteclaim near water. The water height become 1 block below common water level in an all chunks where were any block of the deleted claim. How to fix it?
  5. Was there a structure here previously?
  6. Nope. I can claim something in deep ocean, /deleteclaim and recieve result as on screenshot above.
  7. Set sea level to the y level it should be in griefprevention.yml. Also consider not using restorenature for survival worlds.

    If restorenature is disabled, just use /abandonclaim. Can't recall if this happens for survival worlds too, but /deleteclaim will cause the claim to be "cleaned up" at least for creative worlds.
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  8. Thank you! Restorenature is enabled, now all is ok.
  9. There's a 30 second delay (configurable) before the player gets the book. Check your time setting. Also if the player switches worlds and has a different inventory (e.g., joins in survival and goes to creative before the timeout), he won't get the book. Because of that, I defined my own book, put it in a kit, and give the player the kit at first join.
  10. I have a great idee for the plugin
    what if you made it possible that people can give claim blocks to someone else i think about a command like /giveclaimblocks [player] [amount]

    this is idee is mainly becouse if you want to make a town but claimblock are to hard to get and some people who wants to donate claimblock then can donate those
  11. Okay, I might just be blind but I'm having a bit of a struggle.

    Been running my server for ages and so I've got people of wildly different ranks and the likes, the usual stuff.

    Added in GriefPrevention today and I'm trying to give the classes different amounts of claim blocks, which is usual. But I can't find a way to do this without manually using the bonus claims on the players of those ranks?

    I'm having a feeling there might be a permission or something to set a direct amount, but I can't manage to find anything specific about it on the info page nor in the plugin itself. Is there really no other way than to run a command for it, because I'd rather not manually sift through a thousand people... =/
  12. Most of the G.P. documentation has disappeared. I found the following on Google's cache:

    "You may also grant bonus claim blocks based on permissions. For example, /acb [myservergroups.builders] 5000 to grant everyone with the 'myservergroups.builders' permission 5,000 claim blocks. This is not a one-time operation - players who get the permission in the future will also get the bonus, and will lose the bonus if they lose the permission."
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  13. Hi,

    I've had a bug where players still get messages when working in a claimed area advising to create a claim there. The claim works fine. It happens when you continue to build in the claimed area and eventually the message pops up.
  14. Has it? It should be on devbukkit, though they changed their layout so some links might not work (but the pages are still there)
  15. Perhaps they placed a single block outside of their claim?
  16. Whats the command to get the book?
  17. /claimbook <player>
  18. Hence the "some links might not work (but the pages are still there)"

    I haven't bothered fixing them because I'd like to migrate them to the Github wiki, which anyone can also help with.
  19. how can I add people to the ignoreclaims section in the config?