Spigot GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. Is there any way to protect enderegg in your claim? User can move enderegg inside your own claim.
  2. It was version 11. Well, if it isn't a known thing to show I'll guess I better check everything else :p
    I'll try the new version first thought. :)
  3. 1 - I create an area with /AdminClaims
    2 - I /transferclaim to a player
    3 - Then /SetAccruedClaimBlocks to this player don't work
  4. Hello GP team.

    I'm trying GriefPrevention for my production server, and currently we have SurvivalGames plugin as well. The problem we have is that when we started to play in some arena (/sg join 1) and when the Grace period has ended and we are trying to fight we get this message: "You can not fight someone while you're protected from PvP." Any advice?

    Best regards,
  5. My players are begging to remove the gold blocks seen in the air when using the stick on the ground.
  6. any way to block players from using other peoples barrels? (Jabba)
  7. Hmmm... For players to gain extra blocks each hour is it "BlocksAccruedPerHour" I should set?

    Atm I have BlocksAccruedPerHour=64 and during a 9h play I got 5 extra blocks to claim. Is it counting in some other way? I just thought it would have given me 64 blocks per hour, isn't that's the idea?
  8. Just change the bottom of the config:

    Code (Text):
        BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: []
        BlockIdsRequiringContainerTrust: []
    Code (Text):

      BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: []
        - 178:*
    And change 178 to the id jabba use for it's containers. The :* at the end is for it to include every datavalue (178:1, 178:2 etc.).
    You can add more mods by adding id's per line. I use it on my modded 1.7.10 server and it fully protects jabba, tinkers' construct, Bibliocraft and more mods containers. Nice that people can put their books in bibliocraft bookshelfs and know they're safe. ;)

    You can also add comments afterwards with an extra :
    My protection for jabba looks like this btw:
    Code (Text):
        - 883:*:JABBA
    Edit: I inklude my full setup of the id on my modded server. Might make it easier to see how its written and how comments after the last ":" is used:
    Code (Text):
        BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: []
        - 178:*:Ender Chest
        - 190:*:Thaumcraft
        - 191:*:Thaumcraft
        - 194:*:Thaumcraft
        - 195:*:Thaumcraft
        - 200:*:Thaumcraft
        - 201:*:Thaumcraft
        - 202:*:Thaumcraft
        - 203:*:Thaumcraft
        - 204:*:Thaumcraft
        - 195:*:Thaumcraft
        - 200:*:Thaumcraft
        - 201:*:Thaumcraft
        - 202:*:Thaumcraft
        - 203:*:Thaumcraft
        - 204:*:Thaumcraft
        - 205:*:Doggy Talent
        - 206:*:Doggy Talent
        - 207:*:AncientWarfare
        - 208:*:AncientWarfare
        - 213:*:AncientWarfare
        - 207:*:AncientWarfare
        - 208:*:AncientWarfare
        - 209:*:AncientWarfare
        - 210:*:AncientWarfare
        - 211:*:AncientWarfare
        - 212:*:AncientWarfare
        - 213:*:AncientWarfare
        - 214:*:AncientWarfare
        - 215:*:AncientWarfare
        - 216:*:AncientWarfare
        - 217:*:AncientWarfare
        - 218:*:AncientWarfare
        - 219:*:AncientWarfare
        - 220:*:AncientWarfare
        - 221:*:AncientWarfare
        - 222:*:AncientWarfare
        - 223:*:AncientWarfare
        - 224:*:AncientWarfare
        - 225:*:AncientWarfare
        - 226:*:AncientWarfare
        - 227:*:AncientWarfare
        - 228:*:AncientWarfare
        - 229:*:AncientWarfare
        - 230:*:AncientWarfare
        - 231:*:AncientWarfare
        - 232:*:AncientWarfare
        - 233:*:AncientWarfare
        - 234:*:AncientWarfare
        - 235:*:AncientWarfare
        - 236:*:BiblioCraft
        - 237:*:BiblioCraft
        - 238:*:BiblioCraft
        - 239:*:BiblioCraft
        - 240:*:BiblioCraft
        - 241:*:BiblioCraft
        - 242:*:BiblioCraft
        - 243:*:BiblioCraft
        - 244:*:BiblioCraft
        - 245:*:BiblioCraft
        - 246:*:BiblioCraft
        - 248:*:BiblioCraft
        - 249:*:BiblioCraft
        - 250:*:BiblioCraft
        - 251:*:BiblioCraft
        - 252:*:BiblioCraft
        - 253:*:BiblioCraft
        - 254:*:BiblioCraft
        - 255:*:BiblioCraft
        - 409:*:BiblioCraft
        - 410:*:BiblioCraft
        - 411:*:BiblioCraft
        - 416:*:BiblioCraft
        - 423:*:BiblioCraft
        - 426:*:Natura Berry bushes 1
        - 427:*:Natura Berry Bushes 2
        - 541:*:BiblioWoods
        - 542:*:BiblioWoods
        - 543:*:BiblioWoods
        - 544:*:BiblioWoods
        - 545:*:BiblioWoods
        - 547:*:BiblioWoods
        - 548:*:BiblioWoods
        - 549:*:BiblioWoods
        - 550:*:BiblioWoods
        - 551:*:BiblioWoods
        - 552:*:BiblioWoods
        - 553:*:BiblioWoods
        - 554:*:BiblioWoods
        - 555:*:BiblioWoods
        - 556:*:BiblioWoods
        - 557:*:BiblioWoods
        - 558:*:BiblioWoods
        - 559:*:AWWayofTime-BloodMagic
        - 593:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 594:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 592:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 595:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 596:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 597:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 598:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 599:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 600:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 601:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 602:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 603:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 604:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 605:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 606:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 607:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 608:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 609:*:Carpenter's Blocks
        - 621:*:CustomNPC's
        - 671:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 672:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 677:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 678:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 679:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 680:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 681:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 713:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 714:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 715:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 716:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 720:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 727:*:Tinkers' Construct
        - 729:*:Metallurgy Crusher
        - 730:*:Metallurgy Alloyer
        - 731:*:Metallurgy Forge
        - 878:*:Hatstand
        - 883:*:JABBA
        - 892:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 893:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 894:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 904:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 905:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 912:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 914:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 915:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 924:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 925:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 933:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1189:*:Witchery
        - 1193:*:Witchery
        - 1194:*:Witchery
        - 1195:*:Witchery
        - 1196:*:Witchery
        - 1197:*:Witchery
        - 1198:*:Witchery
        - 1199:*:Witchery
        - 1200:*:Witchery
        - 1201:*:Witchery
        - 1202:*:Witchery
        - 1203:*:Witchery
        - 1204:*:Witchery
        - 1205:*:Witchery
        - 1206:*:Witchery
        - 1207:*:Witchery
        - 1208:*:Witchery
        - 1280:*:Fossils & Archeology Analyzer
        - 1282:*:Fossils & Archeology Culture Vat
        - 1284:*:Fossils & Archeology Workbench
        - 1287:*:Fossils & Archeology Drum
        - 1288:*:Fossils & Archeology Feeder
        - 1289:*:Fossils & Archeology Feeder
        - 1338:*:Wool Colorizer
        - 1368:*:AncientWarfare
        - 1369:*:AncientWarfare
        - 1370:*:AncientWarfare
        - 1371:*:AncientWarfare
        - 1376:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1377:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1378:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1379:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1385:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1386:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1387:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1389:*:MrCrayfish's furniture
        - 1418:*:Thaumcraft
        - 1431:*:Thaumcraft
        - 1438:*:Witchery
        - 1449:*:Thaumcraft
        - 4346:*:Ancient Warfare
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  9. CS-CoreLib v1.0.6 breaks protection (opening chests/doors on claims), downgrading back to 1.0.5 fixes the problem.

    FYI, this costed be 2 hours to figure out, maybe i'll help some1 having the same problem.
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  10. bigscary updated GriefPrevention with a new update entry:

    Rework of an optional feature, minor bug fixes.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Sorry everyone for being late with these responses - the spigot site wasn't alerting me that there were unread messages here. :(

    Trading with villagers requires /containertrust or higher.

    Sorry no, not in this base plugin - only anti-grief features will be added here. You might try searching around for an extension plugin which adds flags like that to GP.

    Already fixed.

    There are methods like allowContainers(string uuid), which return NULL when the player has permission and a (string) message to give to the player when he doesn't have permission. They include inheritance for the various permission levels. Of course you can decide whether or not to send a message when he doesn't have permission, and can choose to send a custom message you define too.

    That was a bug, which has been fixed. Just update your GriefPrevention. :)
  12. Please be more specific, I don't understand exactly your problem. /SetAccruedClaimBlocks <player> 100 would set the player's accrued blocks to 100, NOT add 100 to their accrued blocks.

    Disable the protect fresh spawns feature in the config file. This will turn off the pvp protections for players who are newly respawned.

    Uh well, they could just right-click again at the sky, or outside their land claims, and it goes away instantly.

    Players don't get any accrued blocks while idling, which is based on movement. Every 5 minutes, GP compares where you were 5 minutes ago, then decides if you moved far enough to get blocks. If you're in a minecart or flowing water, you won't get blocks because you might be cheating (automating your movement while actually idle).
  13. I'll let them know :) Thanks <3
  14. Other players can move enderegg inside someones claim.
  15. Oh, I see! I think I vaguely recall seeing those methods, just misunderstood their purpose. That method name sounds like it would enable a user to access containers rather than checking if they can (especially since it doesn't return a boolean like I expected, didn't consider needing native GP messages). At any rate, thanks! I'll likely take advantage of these soon then.

    I would suggest a better name, like hasContainerTrust, but I know changing a method name in an API isn't the best idea. Could you possibly add some documentation comments to the methods (since IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ show that info in tooltips)? At this point, would be a lotta tedious work to document all the public methods, but would help a ton.

    i.e. (In case you're not sure what I mean by documentation comments)
    Code (Java):
    * Checks if a user is allowed to break a material
    * @param player The Player to check
    * @param material The Material to check
    * @return Returns a null if the player has permission or a String message containing a native error message

    public String allowBreak(Player player, Material material)
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  16. Hi, I have been using this with no problems on 2 of my servers , all seems to be working as expected and I would say its a great plugin , however suddenly today players could access other players chests and furnaces in claimed land , like everyone , I had made no changes and hadn't updated or added other plugins that may interfere , my config is same as when I first set up .. http://pastebin.com/HDHtEHCS
    Version : [GriefPrevention] Loading GriefPrevention v10.5 This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-d0d1d87-15e81cf (MC: 1.8) (Implementing API version 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    It does give me the message still `you don't have players permissions to use that` but continues anyway.

    Please can you let me know what could suddenly cause everything to become open ?
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  17. If you haven't updated GriefPrevention, then it could be another plugin you installed. Even if GriefPrevention cancels the chest open event, another plugin can listen to that event and re-enable it after it's cancelled. So maybe worth listing any other plugins you've recently installed if that's the case. If this happened after you updated GriefPrevention, then could just be a bug in that version.
  18. Hi,
    As I said I have added/update no plugins on that server in the last 2 weeks, the last plugin I added was grief prevention 2 weeks ago and was working perfectly , I haven't updated grief prevention either unless it auto updates , the server was just running , if it aint broken don't fiddle :p

    Quick update to this , a player above also had similar problem with CS-corelib , I was on version 1.0 so kind of looked past it , only finding out later it was on auto update so although it looked like I was version 1 it was updated 24hours ago , I can confirm also that replacing this with version 1.0.5 fixed the issue.
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  19. On your Bukkit page concerning the Siege mode info, you have a link at the bottom to a page for the Bukkit javadocs Material, which is apparently no longer there. You could instead change it to this page: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html (Recently had to look into this when toying with siege mode for the first time and realizing the item names in the config aren't using vanilla item names, but rather the Material enumerated names).

    It's a long shot, but may be worth looking into having a list of vanilla item names to also check. If you're familiar with handling JSON files, here's a list of item data you would be able to use. Would be nice so we could use in-game item tooltips instead of needing to look up enums, not awfully important though.