Spigot GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. Do /containertrust public
  2. Hey i have the Problem that the Dynamic Wildernessfixing doesnt do anything on my Server. Is it because i use an alternative WG? Than the next Question is can you make this reverting compatible with EpicWorldGenerator?
  3. Yo guys, pls add that you can subdivide a claim 3 dimwnsional. I wanna make something like a skyscraper with flats inside, and for the flats i need subdivisions, that can be stacked upon each other, so pls add that, if possible.
  4. Please please please can you add config to set maximum total claimblocks?
    I had set Max Accrued Claim Blocks, but player bought way more.

    Example if player has 1000 blocks and maximum allowed blocks is set to 1000 he wont be able to buy more.
  5. Bonus blocks are never limited. If you want your player to be able to only buy "accrued" blocks, then you can try this addon https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/buyaccruedblocks.21703/
  6. Yea - restorenature feature assumes you're using vanilla biomes, and it avoids doing chunk regeneration since, in Big_Scary's words, is more expensive and dangerous, and risks damaging nearby claims. He also poses that it fixes vanilla generation issues as well. Either way, it's a feature that requires constant maintenance amongst every minecraft world generator change so it's not perfect and there are some known (but unreported) issues with it. I personally would use WorldEdit if I ever had the need to regen parts of the world, though you do need to be careful not to regen claims.

    Probably best in an addon, and even better so for version 20 which will allow for other plugins to implement varying levels of subclaims instead of GP's fixed one-level subclaiming. Subdivisions in GP is a complicated mess due to its fixed nature and eccentric code design Big_Scary used to manage them, which has resulted in a few hard-to-find bugs.
  7. i dont need partial regen of the world i need a automatic regen of everything builded in the wild... thats what the docu and config of GP says ....
  8. Could you please add option to disable How to claim land book?
    I have made help page for this, pls
  9. Set DeliverManuals to false in config.
  10. is it posible to remove the public flag of /trust or /ct ?
  11. Do you still have the Japanese translation, if so would you be willing to share it?
  12. hey, that plugin is not working :(

    Btw, maybe you can help me with the problem i have.
    I have skill plugin and when player breaks block in claimed area he still gets XP, however when he tries to block in spawn area (vanilla protection) it doesn't count as broken block.
    Can you please make it work similar to vanilla block breaking protection so it doesn't count?
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  13. Is there any per-world configuration except claim type and enabling/disabling protection? For example, if I have some multiverse world, could I have separate claim limit there?
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  14. Maybe a setting that sets a maximum a claim can be in size? Got some players that wanna claim 500k claims but...just rules alone may not stop this...

    And perhaps a max amount of claims? either via permission like grief.maxclaims.<amount> or just a general setting
  15. What are UnusedClaimDays?
    I am using GP version v16.9.
    ChestClaimDays: 7
    UnusedClaimDays: 14

    Would be helpful to document UnusedClaimDays and ChestClaimDays in https://github.com/TechFortress/GriefPrevention/wiki/Setup-and-Configuration. If there is some other document, provide a link. The wiki mentions UnusedClaimDays 1 time. Gives no explanation. Just says "(see ChestClaimDaysconfig setting)"
  16. wondering about setting explosives usable in unclaimed land since it is prevented. want my players to be able to explore and do what ever with lands thats not claimed and wouldnt mind creepres naturaly doing damage to those zones. BUT NOT PLAYER CLAIMED OR ADMIN CLAIMED LANDS lol
  17. Is there any way to configure, so that blocks can not be placed, but can be broken?
  18. The skills plugin needs to check if the BlockBreakEvent is canceled. They can do this in the EventHandler annotation, ignoreCancelled = true. Vanilla spawn protection doesn't even fire a BlockBreakEvent hence why it seems to work there but not elsewhere.

    I think I asked on there if you could elaborate on why it isn't working re BuyAccruedBlocks.
    Not at the moment no. But you can use multiworld permissions to assign bonus blocks.