Spigot GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. In config.yml:

    If it's a Creative world:
    Code (Text):
        your_building_world_name: Creative
    If it's a Survival build world:
    Code (Text):
        your_building_world_name: SurvivalRequiresClaims
    Both would make unclaimed areas protected, so you don't have to use the WorldGuard __global__ region.

    That's an 8-month-old post you replied to :p
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  2. Is there a way to negate the auto-insertion of new worlds created by my skywars' plugin in the config? I deed to do this please, i have the latest 1.8 r.01 version
  3. Thanks, it's working ! SurvivalRequiringClaims and not SurvivalRequiresClaims :p
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  4. I remember in the past I could block lava and water being placed outside of claims above sea level. How do I do that now?

    Also, pressure plates don't seem to fall under protection? Is that me or you?
  5. That protection was removed for practically no reason, read some of the later posts, I had the same issue.
    Some pressure plates are activated by arrows or dropped items and I don't think it is possible to protect against that.
  6. Does anyone know why these blocks appear in the sky whenever a player makes a claim, and how to disable them? They appear above the claims when they're made.
  7. I remember being able to block lava and water placement above sea level outside of claims. At some point while I was updating GP, this seems to have went away and my players are water and lava griefing the landscape.

    How do I turn this back on?
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  8. Auto unclaim after 21 days does not work. What am I doing wrong?

    ChestClaimDays: 21
    UnusedClaimDays: 21
    AllClaimDays: 21
  9. This has never worked for me. Run GriefPrevention for a year now. - Gave up on this particular one. :)
  10. See the setup/config page, world modes section. If your players are in survival mode, there are no perfect solutions. That's why you have the /restorenature command.

    I will work on that, thank you. :)

    I don't get it - the default behavior is that if a player owns a land claim, then the chests are his and he can access them. Do you mean another plugin has a concept of "chest ownership"? If you intend to allow that other plugin to override GP's land claims, then your plugin should subscribe to playerinteractevent with priority "low" or higher and "ignoredcancelled = false", then do event.setcancelled(false) in cases where you want to override.

    That is a very strange issue, that no one else has ever reported. I don't have a good idea what could be causing it. Is your server in online or offline mode? If offline mode, a player changing his name may cause that to happen, but I'm really just guessing here.

    Thank you for your compliments. :) I'm sorry that I don't have a good answer for your problem - I imagine it's very frustrating. If you have more information, share it as there may be hints to make the problem clearer to me.

    You can't. This is the first time I'm hearing of a problem like this. GP looks at the list of worlds when it boots, and adds them to the config. Maybe with that information, you can create a solution that works for you, like deleting them before shutting down the server and not generating any new worlds until after GP boots?
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  11. Both of these are by design.

    Water because players want to farm, often before they can craft a golden shovel to claim the farm area. Lava because it's very limited, (lots of running about to make even a small mess, because lava doesn't auto-replenish like water does), and there are legitimate (not very common) reasons to dump it like cobble generators, monster traps, and creating obsidian. "Suspicious" water and lava placements are logged, if you care to find out who-dun-it. Otherwise, /restorenature cleans up the hugest messes in seconds, and players can also help themselves because the mess is outside of land claims. I once did not allow these placements despite the problems for well-meaning players because of performance (lag) problems associated with tracking fluid flow, but then I optimized all of that and removed that reason. So now they're allowed again.

    Players like to use pressure plates with monsters and dropped items, so turning those activators off would be creating a problem by taking away game elements players really enjoy. As long as they're on, any player who I stop from directly activating a plate by standing on it can use either of those as a workaround. Similarly for wooden buttons (arrows). So I allow them outright because otherwise players would get a false sense of security, then feel violated when a clever griefer uses a workaround.

    It's slow to work, because I want to keep the CPU cost down. About once per minute, GP looks at one land claim to see if it has expired. Slowly over time, old claims from inactive players will disappear. I can confirm it works in latest versions.
  12. Set sea level override in your GP config file. Unfortunately, craftbukkit/spigot doesn't tell plugins your actual sea level, so you have to explicitly tell plugins which need it.
  13. Well we're finding claims with 28 days and such not so sure if it works. Does it check one claim at a time?
  14. I have a question - not sure if this is the right place to ask it, but I am wondering about the decision behind something.

    players protected against pvp on their own plots. - We have had this to TRUE for the longest time on our server, but it is getting out of hand so we're going to turn it to FALSE today. Reason is .. No one can hurt you on your claim, but you can hurt anyone else.

    On our server, this has resulted in a lot of trap-killing, and especially the whole using claims in combat situation.

    Why was the option made like this? Wouldn't it be better that if there was no pvp on a claim, it would mean everyone - not just the owner?
    With this option set to true, the owner can kill anyone on his claim without the opposition being able to hit back.

    I just found it odd, and wanted to ask why it was decided to be this way.
  15. I noticed an important bug
    When you claim a land at height 64, you can build and everything is protected up to 256
    But the problem is when you go to 48 and below, owner can build but chest, etc are not protected !
  16. Hello, can you add something like /ConvertClaim new_owner?
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  17. Read the documentation, there's already a command for that, but you must be admin.
    Stand in claim and write /transferclaim new_owner
  18. It's working now, thanks :) . But when i open a chest it's saying "You don't have an administrator's permission to use that". Can i disable the message if the player can access to the chest?
  19. bigscary updated GriefPrevention with a new update entry:

    New major features! /ignore and /separate

    Read the rest of this update entry...