Spigot GriefPrevention 16.18

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. Why don't you just give them more claim blocks or suggest they claim a larger area. The people would literally just camp outside the no KOS zone too :p.
  2. When will Grief Prevention update to 1.17.?
  3. Just use a Toggle PVP plugin. doesnt seem to be a grief prevention issue.. as the plugin is working the way its ment to for you.

    On another note:

    Issue with subclaims.

    im using the GPFlags plugin along side this one.

    Parent Claim: +NoMonsterSpawns SubClaim: -NoMonsterSpawns

    my understanding means the subclaim should allow monsters to spawn within the main parent claim as long as they spawn inside the subclaim?

    but currently any monster ( zombie in iron golem farm ) always despawns inside the subclaim with monsterspawns enabled does the parent claim flags override the subclaim?
  4. Meow. Great Plugin.

    Does this plugin not protect one from opening doors with pressure plates and buttons inside and outside a claim? I had teleported a player inside a claim, and while ALL other features of the plugin seem to work, the user can open doors with pressure plates. (Not buttons). If there is a pressure plate outside a claim/inside a claim, it can open a person's door in a claim.

    Is this intended or does this not prevent pressure plate usage at all?

    Thanks in advance. ^^
  5. This quote is from a few years ago but I'm pretty sure it's still accurate. As for the buttons and pressure plates outside claims, just have your players claim one or two blocks past the wall of their house. That also prevents or helps protect against other forms of griefing just outside claims.
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  6. I appreciate the response. I was not aware this is how it functions. I totally understand by your explanation, and will go about my day. ^^ No complaints from me.

    Thanks for giving me some of your time that you have no obligation giving!
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  7. [​IMG]

    What a handsome cat!
  8. He died this year. :(

    But he was a sexy 17yr old Cat indeed!
  9. Awww, too bad. But 17 years is a good, long life.
  10. Hello. Anyone knows if GriefPrevention 16.17.1 supports 1.17? TY
  11. It does, but it has a few bugs. You should use 16.17.2-SNAPSHOT for 1.17 and you can download that from Appveyor. I'd recommend using the most recent build that does not say Pull Request. At the moment, that's build 770 but I can also vouch for build 771. https://ci.appveyor.com/project/RoboMWM39862/griefprevention/history
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  12. There's a bug with glow item frames. Players without trust can take items from them but regular frames work fine
  13. Use a dev build. See my post right above yours
  14. I'm not quite sure how
  15. There's no reason to update it when it works completly fine. At least attempt to install it before syaing 'wHeN's 1.17 uPdAtE?"
  16. There's bugs though that are causing problems, so even though it works, it still needs updated
  17. Is this plugin still being worked on or is it discontinued?
  18. Are these legit dev builds? The history doesn't seem to match the Github commit history.
  19. Yes. But pull requests are also mixed in there.

    Click on a build, go to the artifacts, and download. At the moment, I'd recommend 775
  20. Having an issue with breaking blocks, no items are dropped, ive removed the plugin and the issue dissapears

    I can give more details if someone responds