Spigot GriefPrevention 16.17.1

PREVENTS all forms of grief - build/break, theft, spam, spawn camping, and more without a database.

  1. can I put -1 as the value of DaysInactive to disable the expiration for inactive players?
  2. Yes. You can also use -1 for the chest claims.
  3. Is the plugin working fine in 1.18 or will it need an update?
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  4. I am unable to find out how to make redstone work outside of claimed areas. There was a line about piston movement in the config, I changed it to false, but I am still unable to get redstone to work
  5. Is it possible to synchronise claimblocks but not claims over multiple servers?
  6. No
  7. Is there an estimate for when there will be a completed, non dev build, 1.18 release or is this just a process of fixing things as they break until you can't find anything to fix anymore?
  8. I’m wondering the same thing right now my servers open to Griffing
  9. Click a build (or "current build" in the top left), then click the Artifacts tab on the right, and click target/GriefPrevention.jar
  10. Thanks! I'm planning on starting my smp up tomorrow so your quick response really saved me.
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  11. Please how can ı fix.

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  12. Is there a way to disable plugins from running inside claims?
  13. I know a lot of plugins allow that sort of thing with worldguard but I don't think a lot of them can do that with griefprevention. It really depends on the plugin you use. You should check the config of the plugin you want to disable inside of the claims. They probably won't have a hook with it but it doesn't hurt to check.
  14. I'm wondering too woworino.

    Anyways yall, I hope to get an official release soon, lemme know if there's any important bugs I gotta fix via the github issue tracker. Here's a release candidate for you all to test: https://github.com/TechFortress/GriefPrevention/releases/tag/16.18-RC1
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  15. Hi, I can't download it, how do you do it?
  16. Scroll to the bottom and look for "Assets - GriefPrevention.jar"
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  17. how does one fix the height limit on claims? atm in 1.18.1 its locked to 0 - 256 Y levels. any thing below 0 or above 256 is not safe.
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  18. enter and exit messages not working below ground. am I missing something in config? would be nice to know when I leave my claimed land underground