gringotts-like economy plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Grnknght, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. It looks like Gringotts is broken for 1.12 and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggested alternative. I would like something that hooks in with vault but uses items like Gringotts did.

    My reason for using items is that I need a currency that won't travel between worlds. I have multiple worlds on one server, and I don't want players to be able to use the creative world map to boost their finances in the survival world. Using Gringotts and a per-world-inventory, I could keep them separate.
  2. If the only reason you want something similar to gringotts is because of the item problem. Why not just have per world currency aswell. /balance for example. I don't know how your worlds are setup but i don't think you need money in creative per se.-
  3. I think the problem with a per-world currency is that shops wouldn't know which world to put the currency in. By using emeralds as my currency, I had the shop-chests just collect emeralds and then players had to gather them up from their shops. But I wanted the vault plugin and gringotts so that other plugins could take emeralds to pay for things like commands had a cost set up.
    I guess one option would be to disable chest shops from any world except the survival one.
  4. Hmm, in my opinion fixing a server you should never settle for "good enough" you can always find a way to get it exactly how you want.