Spigot Gringotts 2.11.1-SNAPSHOT

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    Gringotts (Unofficial) - gringotts unofficial, minecraft 1.12, spigot 1.12

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  2. Thanks for updating this (Unofficially of course) ;)
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  3. NCF


    This version still has the issue when used with Factions. Which is that you're not able to disband factions.

    It's infact gringotts that causes this as I've attempted with with other economy plugins and the error only appears while using it. If its not so much to ask, would it be in your reach to fix that? Thanks.
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  4. Thank you for your report. I'll update the Gringotts to works with the latest version of Factions.
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  5. Can you upload the crash log? Factions and Gringotts work well on my server.
  6. NCF


    Really sorry about the late reply. But here are the logs.

  7. I'll try to fix it. Thank you again. :D
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  8. NCF



    -As it was the one included with the "Factions Dynmap" download.
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  9. Sorry but is probably Faction's problem. I tried everything but the problem stills there.

    I'll try to chat with Faction's owner to find a solution.
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  10. I have problem with the plug when my inventory is full and there is no place for more imeralds and also I don't have an [vault] set. And when I receive a money somehow it's bugging like when I write /money I see 150 but in total I have 110 emeralds for example. And this other 40 are being somehow virtual bugged, can you persaps add like a locator if the inventory is full to prevent money transfers and etc. Or just when you receive transfer and they can't be added to your profile for example like a menu for failed transfers something like bank but not using the command /bank for it.
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  11. Thank you for the report. I'll try to fix it.
  12. Did you check on your Enderchest? If is not enough space, the plugin is saving the remaining value in the Enderchest.
  13. Im using custom ender chest with MySQL. Its plugin called BetterEnderChest...
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  14. I'll chat with the owner of BetterEnderChest about a solution.
  15. Okay thanks you I will wait for any updates
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  16. Have you tried to use BetterEnderChest with Gringotts? On my server, is none problem.
  17. If yeah, can you send me the log file?
  18. I have like 70 plugins in my server and some of the info is private, what exactly you want to know in the log?