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  1. I am trying to create mirroring of the worlds on a server I am putting together. My goal is to have one user list so I only have to handle maintaining one set of ranks but to then use that list on multiple worlds using Multiverse. The worlds would have their own groups.yml files so that I can vary the permissions to match what goes on in the worlds (for example, break blocks in Survival but not in the admin shop or server spawn). When I try to run my best attempt at it, I get two issues 1) an error message saying:

    WARN]: GroupManager - WARNING - Mirroring error with world. Recursive loop detected!

    And 2) While I tried to make "Spawn-shop" the main world and all the others borrow users.yml from it, the "world" world keeps getting a users.yml file of its own anyway, even if I delete it and restart the server. I'm pretty sure it's something simple that I just don't understand yet and would appreciate it if someone who knows more about it could take a look at my configuration and tell me what's wrong with it. Here is the contents of the config.yml file for Group Manager (I left all the comments in just in case I harmed something to do with them while editing):

    # With this enabled anyone set as op has full permissions when managing GroupManager
    # The user will be able to promote players to the same group or even above.
    opOverrides: true

    # Default setting for 'mantogglevalidate'
    # true will cause GroupManager to attempt name matching by default.
    validate_toggle: true
    # ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    # *** NOTE: Having this feature enabled can allow improper use of Command Blocks which may lead to undesireable permission changes. You have been warned! ***
    # ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    allow_commandblocks: false

    # How often GroupManager will save it's data back to groups.yml and users.yml
    minutes: 10
    # Number of hours to retain backups (plugins/GroupManager/backup)
    hours: 24

    # Level of detail GroupManager will use when logging.
    level: INFO

    # Worlds listed here have their settings mirrored in their children.
    # The first element 'world' is the main worlds name, and is the parent world.
    # subsequent elements 'world_nether' and 'world_the_end' are worlds which will use
    # the same user/groups files as the parent.
    # the element 'all_unnamed_worlds' specifies all worlds that aren't listed, and automatically mirrors them to it's parent.
    # Each child world can be configured to mirror the 'groups', 'users' or both files from its parent.
    - users
    - users
    - users
    - users
    - users
    # world2: (World2 would have it's own set of user and groups files)
    # world3:
    # - users (World3 would use the users.yml from world2, but it's own groups.yml)
    # world4:
    # - groups (World4 would use the groups.yml from world2, but it's own users.yml)
    # world5:
    # - world6 (this would cause world6 to mirror both files from world5)


    Something else to note--new test users joining the server do not get added to any users.yml . Thoughts on why it's not just using the "spawn-shop" world's users.yml for all?

    Later edit: For unknown reasons, the screen seems to be eliminating the leading spaces from the pasted .YML contents, but they are there in my actual file.

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