Group Manager Or pex

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Group Manager Or PEX

  1. Pex

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  2. Group Manager

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  1. I am wondering what you guys recommend to use Pex Or group Manager I know how to use both just wondering wich one you guys would recommend
  2. Pex. Pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex pex.
  3. Gianluca

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    GroupManager has been unsupported for a few years now. There are unofficial forks, but, most (if not, all) are just updated builds, paying no attention to the bugs that exist. Having said that, PEX is great, and it seems like it's still decently maintained (last commit was Jan 17), I'd say go for PEX.
  4. As they have said, always go for PEX, it's frequently updated, and has a ton of features.
  5. electronicboy

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    as one of the few people who have actually taken on GM properly (and not just ran it through special source or modified it just enough to run), I'd say use Luckperms. GM is... just... pex 2 is no longer really maintained beyond "oh crap, something was broke", and will likely see a decrease in maintenance as they get pex 3 running properly (which, doesn't support yaml files last I heard, and uses json files which is far from ideal for most people), Luckperms is basically the future
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  6. Pex reste utile pour les serveur en BungeeCord grâce à sa base de donnés, sinon Groupmanager fait très bien le travail pour un serveur spîgot
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  7. Legoman99573


    i like the web interface part. something GM and PEX cant do
  8. I recommend PEX. As mentioned, GM is unsupported and has been since 1.9 was released.
  9. Ok thanks for all the help I think i will stick to pex then :)
  10. Pex has never failed me.
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  11. PEX > ALL
    please pex is god
  12. no.. It really isn't.

    I suggest neither, as @electronicboy said, LuckPerms is the future. LuckPerms can do everything gm and pex can do, and more. It's perfect for any server, regardless of size or setup.
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  13. I recommend PEX.
  14. Used to use GM, recently switched to PEX. In the end it's personal preference.

    PEX has been easier to learn than GM, as well as easy to learn config structure.
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  15. It's a fact that LuckPerms is the best permission manager out here though. It evenly has a PEX, GM, PP, BP and more permissions plugins -> LuckPerms permissions so you don't have to configure everything again.

    Works on 1.12
  17. Go with LuckPerms, the command is far easier than Pex. There's LuckPermsCompat available so you can use GM/Pex command with LP. Managing permission is now not so complicated with the web editor or you can use split storage to seperate your permission database.
  18. AngelRani


    Between GM and PEX, PEX is the better option. I switched to LuckPerms though and I like it better.
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  19. I've heard for a long time that PEX has always been the best option. But personally, I've always used group manager.
  20. LuckPerms