Bungee - Spigot Group Notifier 1.0.2

Send timed/join messages to players on join based off of ranks!

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    Group Notifier - Send messages to players based off of ranks!

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  2. This seems like a really cool idea! If I was to make a suggestion it would -keep things simple, this is because it will allow you to model the plugin for a far greater number of updates both before and after the current one.
    Things like ...
    > Option for multiple messages
    > Custom Command choice for when a player joins.
    (Maybe so when someone joins it could show them their current balance etc) [Just an Example]

    It would also be really useful to have the config download along with the plugin or have a secondary option to download the config.
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  3. You can already make it show balance if you use the essentials placeholder for it in your config! And I think that is a good idea I was also thinking about adding a timed message for each rank.
    Thank you for the complement to my work as well!
    You mean like download the config with the plugin? So you can edit it before installing the plugin?
  4. Yeah it is really useful for public servers which don't get the chance to restart often and would publicly see the impact of the plugin (From people joining and seeing the example messages)
  5. There is the ability to reload the config with out restart
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    Added Timed Messages

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