GroupManager 1.10

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  1. does anyone know where i could get groupmanager 1.10 please help
  2. go and download GroupManagerX (work and for 1.10)
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  4. Is it compatible with my old group manager config files? or do I have to rework everything?
  5. Just curious but why does it say "GroupManager is NOT SUPPORTED." in red colors also i'm using a newer version of GM on my server than that seems to have, 2.1.31 vs 2.01, this is currently on mc 1.9.4 tho, still waiting for other plugins to update.
  6. Because the maintainer of EssentialsX doesn't maintain GroupManager. Simply, that plugin is no longer supported
  7. Since GM is no longer supported, it may be worthwhile looking into other plugins like PermissionsEx or zPermissions.
  8. Problem is, the server is old and redoing the permissions would be a pain.
  9. Unfortunately yes. GroupManager development has ceased since build 333
  10. Are there any good permissions plugin for 1.10 besides LordPermissions?
  11. Here is the thing GroupManager is dead thats just the sad facts... Your options are zPermissions, PermissionsEx, & LordPermissions... Now the plugin your going to get the most support out of the community with is PermissionsEx also refered to as PEX... If you need help converting over I am more than happy to help you as i have nothing to do today.

    EDIT: I am more than happy to help anyone really its the least i can do to help those who dont understand PEX because its confusing at first. Its a service I normally charge for but hey I could use some vouches :p
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  12. I have had problems with PEX in the past, with random text spamming the console log and whatnot... I am reluctant to download it again. Any help?
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  13. GM not supported, it doesn't say GroupManagerX? I mean they don't support GroupManager but does for GroupManagerX? Quite confusing xD
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  14. yes xD
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  15. They are referring to group manager period read the comments its no longer supported GroupManagerX GroupManger they are refering to the same thing development is done its over GROUP MANAGER IS DEAD people need to accept it and move on...
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  16. Anyway I don't use GM since... never... I was on Permissions3 back in 1.2.5 (omg beta I guess) and moved to PermissionsEx since forever
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